My Thoughts On The Team WWE Vs. Nexus SummerSlam Match

Phoenix SladeContributor IAugust 13, 2010

Now, I’ve read some articles on B/R about the Team WWE vs. Nexus match and their opinions on who should win or who will betray Team WWE and join the Nexus. I for one am divided on whom should win because I feel both teams winning could have negative effects for the future of WWE. If Team WWE wins, it wouldn’t surprise me because it would be the ending that the demographic, kids, would like, seeing their hero finally beat the stable that beat him up for the past three months. This result could bury the Nexus and/or split them up, ending a storyline that people have enjoyed and going back to the way things were. If Nexus wins, then it would please the adult demographic, especially if one of the members of Team WWE joins the Nexus. People have said it could be John Cena, Bret Hart, or The Miz. I think it would be The Miz considering the fact there’s an open spot on Team WWE and for what he said on Raw. If they win though, will they still be interesting or are they just going to be too tiring to watch by watching them constantly beat up WWE superstars again even if someone like The Miz joined them? Will they start beating up guest hosts? Will Nexus turn into the next Alliance stable and lose to Team WWE at Survivor Series? Who knows? Now if I have to make a prediction, I would pick Team WWE because the WWE usually has the team with the most dissension winning the match. This formula has been done with the tag team of Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit when they were in the WWE Tag Team Titles tournament, Team WWF facing the Alliance at Survivor Series, and the pairing up of The Rock, Undertaker, and Kane facing Triple H, Shane, and Vince at King of the Ring ’00. So what are your thoughts for this match at SummerSlam? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.