Manny said he would "behave"?

Mikey TolvoCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

According to the Boston Globe, Manny said he would "behave". Boston Globe's Gordon Edes discovered that an hour after Ramirez learned of the trade, he promised to behave to stay with the Red Sox, if they didn't pick up his option for 2009. Here is an Excerpt from the story:

"Of all the Manny moments in Boston, the last ranks as one of the most confounding. Within an hour after Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein informed Manny Ramírez he had been traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, Ramírez's agent, Scott Boras, called the Sox back, according to a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations. If the Sox dropped the option years on his contract - which they had agreed to do if they traded him - Boras said Ramírez would not be a problem the rest of the season.

Is this for real. Come on Manny. You keep saying, "trade me, trade me". "I'm too good for Boston. They don't deserve me." Does he really want to stay. How many times can you change your mind? Well, the Red Sox finally got tired of it. Thank you, but no thank you was their response to the latest Manny mind change. Welcome Jason Bay.

Did Manny mean it this time. Who knows, but it dosen't matter. Good luck with him Dodgers.