Reloaded: The Motor City Machine Guns Return to Prominence in TNA

Ken DrabekCorrespondent IIAugust 13, 2010

The conclusion of the Motor City Machine Guns' best-of-five series with Beer Money Inc. was without a doubt the highlight of TNA's "The Whole F'N Show" special last night.

It was just over two months ago when I wrote this article about how the team of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin were hardly being used by the creative minds behind TNA.

What a difference a few months makes.

The Guns just wrapped up what many have already called one of the best series of matches of all time against their rivals in Beer Money Inc.

Credit for the incredible string of matches must also be given to James Storm and Robert Roode, who make up another one of pro wrestling's most compelling tag teams.

Beer Money will wear tag team gold once again, but for now it is time for the MCMG to shine.

The Guns finally got a chance to wear the TNA World Tag Team Championships by defeating Beer Money at "Victory Road" to win the vacant titles.

The belts were previously held by "The Band" but were declared vacant after Scott Hall was released due to his seemingly ongoing personal problems.

Giving the straps to the Guns was a no-brainer. They are easily the most popular TNA tag team, and they have the ability in the ring to go along with their charisma.

Putting them in a best-of-five series against Beer Money was a stroke of genius. TNA put the tag team spotlight on their two best tandems, and they delivered each and every week on Impact.

The ladder match was excellent, the street fight was wild, and the steel cage match was phenomenal. The "Ultimate X" match? Simply awesome.

They closed it out with a two-out-of-three falls match that should be given serious consideration for the best tag team match of 2010.

The series of matches we all just witnessed should erase any doubts about the ability of the Guns to dazzle fans with their high-flying offense and innovative double-team maneuvers.

It should go a long way towards earning them respect from the powers that be at TNA.

Now that Shelley and Sabin have proven themselves against Storm and Roode, one has to wonder what is next.

The tag team division in TNA is not exactly loaded with great teams.

Ink Inc. are an up-and-coming team but so far have done little to impress me.

Team 3D are legends in tag team wrestling, but they seem to have their own issues which will keep them out of the title picture for now.

Generation Me are one of the best duos in all of pro wrestling these days, but they have been used very sparingly in TNA.

Most of their success has come on the independent scene. A feud for the belts against the Guns would surely lead to some excellent, high-flying tag team battles.

Apparently TNA is pairing up Desmond Wolfe and Brutus Magnus, which potentially could be a solid team.

They are both talented wrestlers, though they would probably be better off as singles competitors. At this point, TNA doing anything with Wolfe or Magnus is at least something.

It will be interesting to see who is up next for the Guns, but given the current lack of teams in TNA, it seems safe to say that the belts will be with them until a serious tag team threat emerges from the pack.

TNA has given them the ball, now all that they have to do is run with it.

Photo courtesy of Lee South/TNA Wrestling