Is It a Numbers Game? John Cena and Team Have Nexus on the Run

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Hello WWE Universe and fans alike. On this past Monday night RAW, we had the pleasure of seeing Nexus again. That was supposed to be sarcastic.

As usual, they were making trouble. It all began when Brett Hart came to the ring to call out Chris Jericho and Edge. The reason was clear what he wanted from them.

Jericho was the first to come out. Brett asked him if he would rejoin Team WWE. In his egotistical way, he replied with a no.

Edge came out and pretended he wanted to rejoin. Bret and Edge shook hands. Jericho jumped out of the ring and was heading towards the back.

Just about that time, Edge tried to kick Bret in the gut. Hart was quick, and grabbed Edge's leg and threw him on the mat.

Bret was just about to put him in the what looked to be the Figure Four, when Jericho stepped back into the ring and poked Bret in the eye with his thumb. Childish!

Natalaya Hart ran out from the back, in a state of panic. Nexus, in all their glory, was beating on the Hart Dynasty. Bret and Natalaya ran in the back to try to help their family.

Later on in the back, Khali's brother wasn't with him that night to translate. However, he did manage to, in English, challenge Wade Barrett to a match.

Khali was on his way out to the ring when he was attacked from behind by Nexus. That match, obviously never happened.

Then it was time for the main event. It was Cena/Hart vs Edge/Jericho and it was a Lumberjack match with Nexus surrounding the ring.

John was thrown out of the ring three times. Of course, Nexus had to beat on him. Cena returned the favor and threw Jericho out. A hand was not laid on him by Nexus.

Edge was in shock when he saw that. It didn't last long because when John threw Jericho into the ropes, Chris ran into wade Barrett knocking him off of the ring apron.

All bets were off. Jericho got his just desserts from Nexus. Edge and Jericho started up the ramp when all hell broke loose. John and Bret were left in the ring, with Nexus in the ring, licking their chops.

Right then and there, Brett and John were going to take on the ferocious gang by themselves. By this time, John Morrison and R Truth went to the ring to help out their teammates.

Now it was 7/4. Jericho and Edge, after a few minutes of debating, decided to go back into the ring to help Team WWE. Well, that brought it to 7/6. That was more like it!

You would swear that there was a riot in that ring. All 13 men were fighting until Wade Barrett jumped out and ran. The rest of Nexus followed him up into the stands.

I don't trust Jericho and Edge for a second. Two of the biggest opportunists in the game today. Let's not forget their egos as well.

Remember, Jericho wants to get rid of Cena. He, if he decides to stay with Team WWE for SS, just might turn on his own team and help Nexus. Edge is no stranger to the screwing job.

At SS, their match is somewhat like an elimination match. If one or two of the members of Nexus gets eliminated, then the rest of their team will tumble.

Nexus think they are invincible, but, they're not. Everyone has a weakness, a little vulnerability, and Nexus is not excluded from the rule.