Javon Walker: Frustrated; tries to walk out

M VHCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

Troubled Wide out Javon Walker reportedly tried to retire Thursday after another poor work out.

Walker has been over shadowed by the much less expensive Drew Carter, who joined the Raiders from the Carolina Panthers.

Their seems to be an awful lot of freak outs among receivers this year.

Chad Johnson's tirade this off season, Anquan Boldin swearing of the Cardinals, the Steve Smith incident, Brandon Marshall's pending disciplinary action, Chris Henry's suspension and the Bills James Hardy's recent trouble.

Walker's troubles aren't brought on by criminal behavior so he has a chance to set things straight without fear of reprisals or authorities unlike some of the others.

Davis has a penchant for easing damaged goods along and building their confidence.

QB Jim Plunkett was paid more than he was worth at the time and then allowed to sit a year "to get his head together" and that worked out pretty well...

It's been reported that Walker spoke with Al Davis who smoothed things over for the distraught wide out, but it doesn't bode well for Oakland if he does give back the $11 million like he offered and walks away from the game and his career.