Lakes Are Overrated & Underrated

Evan KanterContributor IAugust 12, 2010

The Los Angeles Lakers are the remaining NBA Champions. However, certain players and teams can be overrated and underrated. I will take each player on the Lakers who was with their team last year and still is, and determine where they fall.

Kobe Bryant: Rated. He is a top-2 player in the league. Many say he is the best, and that talk is deserved.

Pau Gasol: Overrated. Don’t get me wrong; he has come into his own on the Lakers. However, he is not the superstar that people proclaim him to be. He is an all-star level player, but not elite.

Ron Artest: Underrated. Whenever he is talked about, it usually does not pertain to his ability on the court. His defense is second to none, and will certainly be cherished again this season, especially if the Lakers do meet the Heat in the finals.

Andrew Bynum: Overrated. Possibly the most overrated player in the league. He is a good rebounder at best. While he is young, his ceiling may have already been reached. And his health is always a big issue.

Lamar Odom: Rated. This is a tough one, as he is inconsistent. Sometimes he shows flashes of being a star, and other times he is as lazy as they come.

Derek Fisher: Underrated. Whenever Kobe Bryant wins rings, so does Fisher. He comes up clutch, and would be a valuable asset to any team.

Shannon Brown: Overrated. If he were on almost any other team, nobody would even know who he is.

Luke Walton: Overrated. You know those players who have jobs based on their last names? Yea…

Sasha Vujacic: Rated. Decent backup. Nothing less, nothing more.

The bottom line is that the Lakers are a great team, but it comes with a mixed bag of overrated and underrated players.