Miami Heat Lower Level Ticket Prices Are CRAZY: Center Court Gems

Mike PiccoloContributor IAugust 12, 2010

Well, as expected lower level seating for the up coming Miami Heat season is OUT OF CONTROL!  Undeniably and without question we all knew this was coming, some of us embraced the horrible fate of a huge price increase and some of us curse it and try to convince themselves that, "staying home and watching the game on HDTV is almost the same thing...".  WE ALL KNOW THAT ISN'T TRUE!  So instead of getting a second mortgage or withdrawing from your child's college fund I've come up with a very simple and very easy solution for people who still want to enjoy the games but don't want to donate a kidney for it.  Has anyone reading this post ever tried sitting in the upper levels at American Airlines Arena???  Well I have and let me tell you, it's DEFINITELY not as bad as it sounds. 

The first game I ever went to in the uppers at American Airlines Arena was in section 308 (which is dead center court by the way), 12 rows up on the aisle.  The view was AMAZING!  I have to say, if I can't get lower level center court, then this is the only way to go.  It's unbelievable how awesome the view is and how clearly you can still see the players (there are HUGE screens above the court anyway, but you wont really need them!). 

I highly recommend buying upper level center seating for the upcoming season.  The average lower level, center court seat is going for close to $1,200 per ticket!!!!!  In the upper level, the average center court seat is going for only about $200 per ticket!!!!!  Do the math people!!!!!  I gotta be honest, for me, this year, I will get to enjoy the games and still have some money to buy food, beer, gas for the ride home and pay my rent for the month LOL. 

Go for broke on the lowers if you want, but the center court uppers are the only gem seats for me this year.  I'd love to hear anyone who's ever sat in the center court uppers opinions below, feel free to share so other will know that uppers aren't so bad!