Highlight Reel: The Most Ridiculous Little League Movie Scenes

Lance PaukerCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

Highlight Reel: The Most Ridiculous Little League Movie Scenes

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    Kids don't play sports for the gargantuan contracts, beachside mansions, or exclusive VIP status at the world's hottest clubs. They play for one reason, and one reason only--for the love of the game. 

    Throughout the years, Hollywood has attempted to immortalize this uncultivated passion for sports time and time again. From Bad News Bears to the Mighty Ducks, kids sports movies have consistently produced unforgettable moments. 

    For the kid in all of us, let's relive some of the craziest little league scenes in movie history.  

10. Like Mike: Bow Wow Dunking

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    Usually a 4'10" kid would have a pretty tough time dunking over David Robinson--unless of course, you're Bow Wow. If he was that good against the pr

    Though "Like Mike" was probably never considered Oscar-worthy, you're only kidding yourself if you've never dreamed of wearing those magical shoes. If you want a pair, just go outside during the next big thunderstorm--they'll probably be hanging on a telephone pole. 

    The trailer is one of the most absurd video clips ever made. In one scene, Jason Kidd literally turns his back while defending an inbound pass, something he probably has done countless times during his Hall of Fame Career. Or not. 

9. Little Giants: The Speech

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    "Even if they beat you 99 times out of a 100, that still leaves you one time."

    And so goes the mantra for all great sports upsets. Little Giants, probably the most underrated sports movie of all time, chronicles the most unlikely of upsets. Joe Namath's Jets having nothing on the Little Giants. 

    Icebox's stuff during the last goal line stand was simply incredible, even if they did it in only three downs. "One Time" has become such a popular phrase that even the biggest little leaguer of the pop culture world, Justin Bieber, adopted the phrase for his hit debut. Clearly, its popularity should be accredited to this awe-inspiring speech. 

8. Mighty Ducks: Fulton's Slapshot

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    Let's hope John Calipari, Lane Kiffin, or Nick Saban never see this movie. Otherwise, city streets will become filled with a new kind of criminal: ruthless recruiters. 

    Fulton is perhaps the most unlikeliest of heroes in the typical sports world but hey, it's a movie. The kid with the most dangerous slapshot in the history of the game may be lurking in a back alley in your town, diligently practicing his shot with hockey gloves and all, going completely unnoticed by anyone else in the world who has even heard of hockey.

    And you never know--he may help you win a championship. 

7. Kicking and Screaming: Juice Box

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    Whether it be oranges, gatorade, or in this case, juice boxes, halftime in pee-wee soccer is an event in itself. 

    In Will Ferrell's Kicking and Screaming, Coach Ferrell clearly has some going up to do, as the coffee-crazed, jumpsuit wearing maniac of a coach reminds us that, at the end of the day, it's just a game. 

    Plus, any movie with Mike Ditka portrayed as a level-headed coach has gotta send a red flag up somewhere. 


6. The Benchwarmers: Carlos

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    The Gus Bus (Rob Schneider) and his three-man team of overgrown misfits appear to be cruising towards recapturing their Little League glory days. That is, however, until fireballing, homer crushing, beer chugging Carlos enters the scene. 

    So that Danny Almonte on steroids is allowed to play compete, he expertly crafts a flawless fake birth certificate, which, accompanied by a $10 bill, proves to be foolproof. 

    The Benchwarmers may not be critically acclaimed, but it certainly teaches us a few valuable lifelong lessons. Carlos' inability to finish the game epitomizes the perpetual admonition that cheaters never win. Furthermore, the Cuban Missile's downfall teaches us that alcohol in excess is a big no-no for aspiring athletes. Unless of course, your name is David Wells. 

5. The Big Green: Goalie Scene

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    The classic moments from this 1995 hit are countless, as the Big Green successfully captures the essence of playing pee-wee soccer. From the nerves to the failures to the triumphs, this family comedy starring Steve Guttenberg has it all. 

    For some youngsters, being out on the field could be the scariest thing they have ever experienced. The opposing team, perhaps bigger, stronger, faster, and obnoxiously arrogant, is no longer a collection of human beings--they are monsters. Goalkeeper Larry Musgrove (Patrick Renna) is so frightened by the shots fired at him that he sees each team as their intimidating nickname, charging ruthlessly towards him.

    "The players on the other teams, they change to these bad guys."


4. 3 Ninja's: Basketball Scene

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    Looking back on it today, Ninja's is a prime example of a kids movie with Space Jam syndrome--re-watching it as an adult will only ruin your previously outstanding perception of the film.

    However, there is no denying the unrealistic awesomeness of this particular scene. Since the main characters become blessed with some sweet ninja skills, they teach a bunch of playground bullies a stern lesson. 

    The game is played to 10, but the Ninja kids spot the bullies nine points. In a game that begins with a block only possible with the aid of flubber, each play becomes more and more ridiculous, highlighted by Colt getting hit sticked but still managing to make the layup. The dunk at the end is a little cliche, but certainly has a lasting effect. 



3. D2: The Mighty Ducks: The Flying V

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    Maybe its just me, but I'm pretty sure this wouldn't work in real life. To this day, I am completely baffled as to why the defenders did not even make an attempt to thwart this downright ridiculous play. All they really had to do was stand in front of them!

    Regardless, the flying V has been memorialized as one of the all-time best formations in any sport. I have personally been a part of the soccer version of the flying V. Unfortunately, it did not allow us to score the tie-breaking goal against our German rivals.

2. Air Bud: The First Shot

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    Man's best friend just got even cooler. 

    I'm pretty sure the following scene is every kids dream. Feeling hopeless after having nobody to practice with for the upcoming basketball tryout, Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) life gets turned upside down by his insanely talented dog, who apparently is a better shooter than JJ Redick. His subsequent rise to basketball fame becomes imminent. 

    After watching this movie, nearly every child in America tried to play basketball with their dog. After playing with their dog, every child in America secretly adopted Air Bud as their new pet. 

    Shaq should take free throw shooting lessons from this guy.



1. The Sandlot: The Challenge

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    This one pretty much takes care of himself. 

    Between the intimidating standoff, relentless taunting, and subsequent hit parade by Porter and company, "The Challenge" is undoubtedly one of the most memorable scenes of everyone's childhood. The Sandlot, a movie loved by all, tops this list not as an insult. Rather, its place atop the rankings epitomizes its everlasting effect on the aspiring rag-tag little-leaguers from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, all across America. 

    The movie features a number of scenes that just as easily could have topped these rankings. From the moment when Smalls "just sticks his glove out," to Benny's sprint through the whole town (while outrunning a dog--very realistic), this movie is simply the stuff of legend. 

    Plus, who wants to be told that they play ball like a girl? Unless that girl is named Jennie Finch, the answer is nobody. Not now, not ever.