The Top 20 I-Want-My-Money-Back Fights (With Video)

Reid DavenportCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

The Top 20 I-Want-My-Money-Back Fights (With Video)

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    So, you're getting ready for the match of the decade.  

    You got your chips, your remote control, and, hell, you even got your boxing gloves on.  

    The bell rings, you blink your eyes, and the fight's over.  

    You can't believe it! You were ready to go 12 rounds, blow for blow, no holds barred.  

    This tragedy happens all too often in the ring and Octagon.  

    Here are the top 20 fights that just didn't live up to the hype or the first round final bell.   

20. Danny Williams Vs. Kali Meehan, 2001

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    It took 32 seconds for heavyweight and Commonwealth Champion Danny Williams to knock out Kali Meehan.

    After Meehan fell a second time, the referee called the match.

    In a classic Englishman vs. Australian fight; Williams reminded Meehan that England used to own Australia.  

19. Mirko Filipovic vs. Gabriel Gonzaga, 2007

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    So, this isn't the shortest match ever, but if you brought your kids, they might need to see a mental health professional.  

    Gonzaga knocked down Filipovic in the first round with a kick and the Croatian fighter landed incredibly awkwardly on his foot.   

    As painful as it was to watch, "Cro Cop" only sustained minor injuries.  

18. Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli, 2008

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    With the name, facial hair, and reputation that Kimbo Slice had, no one saw him going down in a mere 14 seconds.  

    But he did.  

    The street fighter turned pro was embarassed by Petruzelli, who replaced Kimbo's original opponent, Ken Shamrock, after he sustained an injury prior to the fight.  

    There was no KO for the Kimbo.   

17. Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley, 1995

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    Talk about over-matched.

    After serving a three-year jail sentence for rape, Mike Tyson proved that his boxing hiatus hadn't taken much out of him.

    Even though this bout occurred before his ear-eating days, Tyson could smell blood right from the get-go.

    Within eight seconds of the fight, Tyson knocked down his no-named opponent.

    When McNeeley fell for a second time with over half of the first round left, his trainer hopped into the ring to disqualify a dazed McNeeley and save him from further damage.

    For Tyson, I guess you really can't call it a comeback.

16. Sami Berk vs. Mark Smith, 2008

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    This knockout was scary more than anything.  

    Just seconds into the fight, Sami Berk knocked down Mark Smith and Smith immediately started convulsing.  

    Berk hadn't even gotten warmed up before Smith was out for good.  

15. Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson, 1962

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    Sonny Liston had to get the heavyweight title from someone before Muhammad Ali knocked him out in the first round.

    In fact, Liston got it from knocking Floyd Patterson out in the first round.

    At Comiskey Park in Chicago, Liston, who was infamous for having connections with the mob, became the 21st heavyweight champion of the world.

    At the time, the fight was the third fastest knockout.

14. Rocky Marciano vs. Joe Walcott, 1953

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    Joe Walcott was seeking revenge for Rocky Marciano taking the heavyweight title away from him.

    That bout lasted 13 rounds. This bout wouldn't see passed the first.

    Marciano defended his title with a knockout in the first round, proof that his claim to the title was no fluke.

13. Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie, 2004

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    Calm down there Gomi. They're not excited because you knocked him down too fast.

    It's amazing what a couple swift knees to the head can do.

    It earned Gomi a five-second knockout.

12. Chris Willems vs. Akoni Nakila, 2007

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    Even though this fight only lasted five seconds, I honestly don't think I'd demand a refund.

    To see that deadly kick would be worth every penny and then some.

    This was no standard knockout, but truly embodied the different ways you can knock out your opponent in the MMA.

    Watch the fight here!

11. Al Couture vs. Ralph Walton, 1946

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    It's almost unfathomable, but this match was over in 10.5 seconds.  

    Did I mention that that includes the ref counting to 10?

    It is said that Couture ran over to Walton's corner before he was ready and knocked him out.

10. Aleksander Emelianenko vs. James “The Colossus” Thompson, 2004

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    Talk about a big fight.

    These two mammoths were going at it from the start.

    After numerous punches were thrown, a couple of them got the best of Thompson and put the favorite to win on the ground.

    It took 11 seconds.





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9. Jimmy Thunder vs. Crawford Grimsley, 1997

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    Jimmy Thunder had one of the fastest knockouts in boxing history.

    Crawford Grimsley managed to stay off the canvas for 1.7 seconds.

    He got in one punch before Thunder laid him out and took the match.




8. Mike Tyson vs. Micheal Spinks, 1988

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    A combined boxing record of 65-0 resulted in a 91-second knockout.

    Going into the contest, Micheal Spinks had never hit the canvas in his professional boxing career.

    Spinks would however be knocked down twice in the first round, the second one resulting in a knockout.

    Tyson had not only handed Spinks his first defeat (and also his last fight), but also took away his light heavyweight title.

    This all of course happened in a mere minute and a half.

7. Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling,1938

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    Even though this match would go down in American history as one of the greatest sports moments, it was still over in a blink of an eye.

    As Joe Louis went up against Max Schmeling, native of Germany, the world watched a preview of World War II.

    With FDR backing up Louis and Hitler backing up Schmeling, the fight was anything but black and white, even though it was black versus white.

    Although Schmeling had taken down Louis in 1936, the Brown Bomber would take Schmeling down in the first round, defending his heavyweight title.

6. George Foreman vs. Jose Roman, 1973

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    George Foreman recorded the quickest knockout in a heavyweight title match when he knocked out Jose Roman in 50 seconds.

    This was prior to Foreman's bout with Ali.

    Roman was considered the Puerto Rican heavyweight champ.

5. Joey Villasenor vs. Hank Weiss, 2004

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    The possibility of Hank Weiss being crowned "King of the Cage" was thwarted in five seconds flat.

    It took one left hook for Weiss to fall and Joey Villasenor to claim victory.

4. Chris Clements vs. Lautaro Tucas, 2006

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    This is considered one of the fastest MMA knockouts ever.

    In three seconds, Chris Clements took down the speeding Lautaro Tucas, leaving him limp on the canvas.

    This was Tucas' last MMA match.

3. Cale Grady vs. Ryan Chavarria, 2008

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    This was MMA at its quickest.

    With a punch and a shove, Cale Grady took Ryan Chavarria down for good.

    The official record states that Grady knocked him out in two seconds.

    At least their intros took more time than that.

2. Steve Ramirez vs. Darvin Wattree, 2009

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    Did he really hit you that hard?

    With one swing, Steve Ramirez cracked Darvin Wattree and sent him spiraling down.

    The three-second bout is up there for quickest fights in MMA history.

1. Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston, 1965

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    Not only was this heavyweight title rematch over in less than one round, but Muhammad Ali's knockout was questionable.  

    The referee was distracted by Ali standing over the fallen Sonny Liston, yelling at him to get up.   

    Ali did in fact punch Liston before he fell, but the referee never got a chance to count to 10.  

    Nevertheless, Ali defended the title that he took from Liston in their previous fight.