Neymar Closer To Signing With Chelsea FC

Andre RojterCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

Chelsea's love affair for Neymar just doesn't seem to end. Despite receiving two official offers, the first through West Ham for €15 million and the second for €25 million, Neymar's Brazilian side Santos FC continues to insist Neymar will not be sold for that low of a price.

Not missing an opportunity, Neymar scored his first goal for the national side in his very first game donning the yellow jersey. The trip to New Jersey also served as an opportunity for Neymar and his people to have a sit-down meeting with representatives of the English club.

During a dinner attended by Neymar's father, agent Wagner Ribeiro, Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro, and Chelsea president Bruce Bock, an offer proposed by Chelsea was allegedly accepted by Neymar and his representation.

Santos will reportedly receive an official offer from the Blues of €30 million on either Monday or Tuesday. Neymar and Chelsea have agreed on a contract, and the two are waiting to hear from Santos on the issue.

There are also rumblings that Santos is preparing to sue Chelsea for misconduct in their negotiations with Neymar's representatives.

Santos remains steadfast in their demand for an offer of at least €35 million. A little-known fact is that Santos only owns 60 percent of Neymar's rights; the remaining 40 percent is held by an investment group named DIS. This issue must be resolved before any transfer can be made, as the EPL does not allow third-party ownership of a player's rights.

Santos continues to refuse all offers, hoping that Chelsea will offer more before the transfer window closes at the end of August. Santos could possibly lose all four of their top players (Neymar, Ganso, Robinho, and Andre) by season's end.

With Andre already on his way to Dynamo Kiev and Robinho recalled by Manchester City, Santos is trying to avoid an exodus that may find them relegated to Brazil's second division.