Kaka's Top 10 Goals With AC Milan (Video)

Ivan SoldoCorrespondent IIAugust 12, 2010

Kaka's Top 10 Goals With AC Milan (Video)

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    Kaka. the Brazilian magician is one of the best football players in the world.


    I am going to show you his 10 amazing goals that he scored while he was for AC Milan.


    In AC Milan he developed in one of the most completed players today.


    Enjoy in this pure skills and fantastic goals scored by Ricardo Kaka.

1. 2006-2007 Manchester United Vs AC Milan 3-2

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    Although AC Milan lost this game, Kaka had amazing game.


    He scored two times  but the second goal was just pure magic!


    Fletcher, Heinze and Evra couldn't do anything!


    Kaka was on his best in 2007 when he lead AC Milan to champions league title.

2. 2005-2006 AC Milan Vs Fenerbahce 3-1

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    Kaka did amazing run in this game.


    He took on 3 Femerbahce players who couldn't stop him!


    Just watch after he scores, how crowd goes crazy!!!


    One of the craziest moments in football!

3. 2003-2004 Empoli Vs AC Milan 0-1

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    Kaka scores from 30 m.


    Do you need any other explanation for this amazing goal?

4. 2006-2007 Anderlecht Vs AC Milan 0-1

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    Kaka scores amazing long distance goal against Anderlecht!


    Great goal!

5. 2006-2007 AC Milan Vs Celtic 1-0

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    Once again Kaka does perfect run from center.


    This goal brought quarter finals in champions league to AC Milan.


    Kaka proved to be a great leader of AC Milan.

6. 2003-2004 Club Brugge Vs AC Milan 0-1

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    Fantastic volley from Kaka but we can't forget this great assist from the best defender right back ever, Cafu.




7. 2006-2007 AC Milan Vs Anderlecht 4-1

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    Anderlecht is the team that suits Kaka pretty good.


    Once again he manages to score a great goal from 20 meters.

8. 2008-2009 AC Milan Vs Lazio 4-1

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    Kaka scores again long distance goal vs Lazio this time.


    Lazio defenders just left him alone and didn't do anything.


    Kaka punished them in the right way.

9. 2006-2007 AC Milan Vs Manchester United 3-0

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    Just look at this perfect assist from Clarence Seedorf!


    Kaka opened this great night in Milan with great goal.


    AC Milan completely destroyed Manchester United.

10. 2008-2009 Bologna Vs AC Milan 1-4

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    Kaka proves us that he can score with his left foot.


    Again,crazy goal!