Why the Boston Celtics will win the NBA title this year

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Why the Boston Celtics will win the NBA title this year
The Boston Celtics were coming off into this off season having multiple questions. They received many answers for their questions. Paul Peirce resigned with Boston, Doc Rivers made his return, and Ray Allan made his return. But, how were they going to replace Perkins and Wallace?

While another big three was forming in Miami Boston was secretly upgrading their team. The Celtics signed Shaquille O'Neal and Jermaine O'Neal. Signing these two players will be an upgrade in the paint for rebounds. Boston could also set up plays where Jermaine could shoot from the free throw line. Now, Jermaine will get his shares of rebounds and he will quietly get some points as well. You never here about Jermaine O'Neal in the mainstream media, but you will here his name when you watch the Celtics. You will also here a lot of Shaq in when you watch the Celtics.

Now, why will they win the NBA title? The Celtics have guys who can shoot, but now they have guys who will fight for rebounds. In game seven you saw that Boston struggled in the paint and on the glass. Now, you won't see as much of Boston getting man handled by the big teams in the paint. When you have a team who can get more rebounds that usually means more championships. Los Angeles won two strait championships because they had the best rebounding team. Now, it will be Boston. I know that everyone will be criticizing me for not picking Miami, but Miami won't have a strong team. The difference between Miami and Boston is depth. Boston has a deep bench so they won't have to play certain guys 24/7 and Miami doesn't have a good bench so they will have to play their starters a lot. If Miami wants to give their big guys some rest they will have to tell their fans why they couldn't even beat Chicago in the playoffs. Also, Boston would smoke Chicago because they have a more physical team than Chicago has, although, Chicago is physical.

So, being physical in the paint, having guys that can shoot the three, set up threes, and win on the boards should be a good recipe for a championship. Granted, the Lakers, Heat, and Bulls have good teams I just don't see any of them winning a 7 game series against Boston. That is why I see Boston taking the title this year.

I'm Andrew Tanner saying good bye and good night.

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