Five Things Fantasy Football Champions Know

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Five Things Fantasy Football Champions Know
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If I could add a sixth amendment to this list of “Five things fantasy football champions know,” it would be that you need to know how to write a pretentious title. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can teach you a thing or two about fantasy football.

Here’s my mantra and really, this applies to all things in life: Fantasy football is as complicated as you want it to be.

No really, it’s true. If you don’t care or you’re a casual sports fan, then so be it. Don’t worry about it. When my group of friends get together to play poker, some guys play to hang out, see their friends, talk a little trash, have a few beers and that’s it. Some guys want everyone’s money. It’s human nature. You are either hyper-competitive or you’re not. If you’re a casual fantasy football player, trust me, you’re probably better off anyway.


1) The waiver wire is everything

You could have the most perfect draft. You could get your preferred player in every single round. Your bye weeks could all play out gracefully. But in week one, your star running back might tear his ACL. In week three, your quarterback’s No. 1 wide receiver gets arrested and misses the season. Things happen.

Champions are the guys who identify unexpected players in the first few weeks of the season who aren’t just hot, but are actually going to have a great year. Cut a backup TE if you’ve already got one who’s playing great and replace him with a RB who could feasibly overtake the injured incumbent starter. Think about Rashard Mendenhall orJamaal Charles last season. That’s how you get ahead of the curve.


2) Loyalties and bias have no place in fantasy football

Oh, so you think Jay Cutler seems immature? You don’t like the way Chad Ochocinco carries himself? Are you a 49ers fan who has convinced himself Alex Smith is going to have a breakout year? Did you graduate from Oklahoma and you’re positive that Sam Bradford is the next big thing?

Be careful not to allow your emotions influence your decisions. It’s fine to like a player on your favorite team or not like a player on your least favorite team. But make sure your fantasy decisions boil down to hard evidence, not subjective conjecture. Nothing upsets me more quickly than seeing homer picks in a fantasy draft.

I once participated in a fantasy draft where this woman (no comment) drafted nothing but Indianapolis Colts. She even had Jim Sorgi (former backup to Peyton Manning) as her backup QB. Don't be that guy.

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