Belanger Signs But Can't Say With Who, Could A Kaberle Deal Be Involved?

kaynen ouchContributor IAugust 12, 2010

Well I have broken my vow of not wanting to have anything to do with the Kaberle trade rumors, but Belanger's signing just had me thinking.

Here it is, I just read on a French website that Eric Belanger has an agreement in place with a team, but cannot name the team due to the fact the team has some trades they still need working out and did not want to lose any leverage.  Belanger goes on to say that he will be able to announce his signing in a few days.

Does this means a trade announcement will be made as well?

So this got me to thinking, is the team he signed with the Maple Leafs or is it a team that is in talks with the Leafs? There are other websites that have dived right into it, trying to put the puzzle together to see if anything will fit. 

What I am thinking is, if it is the Leafs then is that a sign that the Kaberle saga is coming to an end. I would have to believe so because I just don’t see how Belanger signing can affect any other teams' trade leverage.

My other thought would be that Grabovski might be the deal that is in place, but again I don’t see how a Belanger signing would harm any trade negotiation there. I am no insider just thought it was an interesting signing; it’s just quite the coincidence that it happens to be in the same week as the Kaberle deadline.

What ever happens, at least in four days we all can take a break from all the Kaberle rumours and then start reading why Burke made a mistake in trading or not trading Kaberle.