Progress Has Ended: Perhaps It's Time to End the Straight Edge Society

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 12, 2010


On November. 27, 2009, one of the very few wrestling stables of the 21st Century was formed.

The intriguing character of CM Punk, founded a union known as the Straight Edge Society. A simple group that focuses on living a clean life, no drugs, no alcohol, and no smoking.

Their task at hand was to spread this message across the globe, purify the universe, and rid the world of addiction and weak-minded souls who couldn't do everyday simple tasks without getting a fix in the morning.

In the beginning, the whole concept of the group was very interesting. Led by a three time World Heavyweight Champion, this stable had all the promise to surpass Evolution as the best heel group of the 21st Century.

Punk proved that his Straight Edge ways weren't to be taken lightly, as he saved the soul of a mentally challenged Festus and transformed him into one of the WWE's biggest threats in Luke Gallows.

Punk would shave their heads, symbolizing that they were all changed beings, that they now would begin a new life with a fresh slate.

Week in and week out, Punk showed us that Straight Edge wasn't a one hit wonder with Luke Gallows, for he would save souls from the audience and expand the lengths of his Straight Edge Army.


After a certain amount of time, the lost being of WWE Diva Serena would be running to the Savior to help clean her body and mind of the drugs and addiction that plagued her life for so long.

The masked man, who was later found as Joey Mercury, would be another solid addition to this stable who's stock only seemed to be going up.

These guys kept created heat in every single segment they had, forcing sensitive reactions out of the crowd when Rey Mysterio was embarrassed in front of his family, and even picking on one of the most beloved wrestlers among the younger WWE fans, Jeff Hardy, after his departure from the WWE promotion.

CM Punk had that it factor about him, that might only be challenged by what Raven was able to do in his ECW and early TNA days.

With very few great gimmick cliques in the 21st Century, the SES have clearly stood out. They have connected with the fans in a strange way and could have been pushed to the moon if the WWE creative writers utilized their gimmick and talent correctly.

But, when does the WWE ever take a gimmick or a storyline all the way home?

The whole point of the formation of the SES was to expand the CM Punk character and help him build his credibility even more. The other members of the group were just there as show pieces.

CM Punk was a three time World Heavyweight Champion, a former IC Champion, a former World Tag Team Champion, and a former ECW Champion.


What has he done with the Straight Edge Society, other than lose his main-event status on SmackDown! completely?

He has become irrelevant and has lost respectability, rather than earning it with his Straight Edge Slaves.

Before he formed this group, CM Punk put Jeff Hardy out of the WWE. CM Punk cashed in the Money In The Bank on both Jeff Hardy and Edge, two men that combined have 12 World Heavyweight Championships.

What is his defining moment since November 27, 2009?

Other then getting humiliated against The Big Show, getting his head shaved by Rey Mysterio, breaking his arm, losing his World Heavyweight Championship matches, and not caring about his NXT rookie, Darren Young, was there anything positive, folks?

Obviously, it's not his fault that he has regressed the way he has. It's not a nice thing to do, but we have to blame it on the creative writing department.

These guys never allowed any of CM Punk's feuds to finish, yeah, Rey Mysterio shaved his head, but IS THAT IT?!! Is this Straight Edge Society just gonna let Rey Mysterio shave the head of their leader and not do anything back to Rey?


That right there killed the SES for me. The writers made this stable look VERY weak, for these genius writers would have NEVER allowed anyone to get away with that if they did that to Evolution, or even the rip-off, shadow of its self version of "nWo" back in the early part of the 21st Century.

Rey vs. Punk was an interesting feud, but they never let it finish up. They should have booked Rey to go into the SES, so everyone could take them seriously. How many of the casual fans actually took a group that consisted of a Diva they never saw before, a guy that got his face blasted by a ladder against The Hardyz, and a former special-ed student as an actual threat?

Adding a former World Heavyweight Champion and clear fan favorite, would have put these guys over the hump.

If that wasn't bad enough, Punk was thrown into a feud with The Big Show.


Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you, after SummerSlam is over, this feud will be NO MORE. They just made this mini-storyline so that Punk and Big Show would compete at SummerSlam, they wanted names on the card, no matter how bad the match up.

Like I mentioned above, the whole point of this group was to help CM Punk build credibility, but since the creation of the group, he has a very unimpressive 1-8 record, the one win coming at a nothing PPV like Extreme Rules.

Even more embarrassing, he hasn't even received a basic, one on one match for the World Heavyweight Championship since the SES formed.

CM Punk said on the past Friday Night SmackDown! that his saved souls, Joey Mercury, Luke Gallows, and Serena, "don't deserve to be happy." He even had the power to force them to their knees.

At this point, I hope the pressure of being Straight Edge finally gets to the saved souls and they rebel against Punk, which would break this whole Society up.

And them maybe, just maybe, Punk can gather the pieces of his main-event spot and fight his way to the top once again, because you don't have to be a genius to know that he isn't getting anywhere with his buddies. 

Was I a fan of the idea of a Straight Edge Society? Yes. But do I like the direction where it's heading? No.

The writers destroyed these guys and never let them be taken seriously by the fan base.

Let's be honest with ourselves, are we really going to see a bald CM Punk with the World Heavyweight Championship?

The only guy who will be a star after they break up is CM Punk, so I say get out while the getting is good and protect this past main-eventer.

What more can the writers' limited brains do with this group that they haven't attempted already?


Maybe you can blame PG for not allowing the group to be as violent as they could have been, but I always back the conclusion that you still need good writing to run a program. Just look at Total Nonstop Action; they have the T-14 rating, yet can't put together any feuds.

I know the IWC finds this group very attractive because of their gimmick, but take Mr. Punk out, would you still find it a fan favorite.

Because frankly, I'll be honest, I'm only rooting for these guys because of CM Punk; I am a HUGE fan of his mixed martial arts wrestling style.

WWE writers, either give this group some respect or just disband it.


Are you with me?


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