Isiah Thomas Takes Manhattan..........again

Janice AdamsContributor ISeptember 21, 2016

Second chances are great, everyone deserves them, but the New York Knicks giving a second chance and a part-time consulting job to Isiah Thomas after the debacle that he created, doesn’t make any sense. 

  It’s only been two years, so it’s unlikely that they have forgotten the damage he did to the integrity of the organization.  Maybe we should refresh their memory. 

He was accused of sexual harassment.  A suit that saw Dolan write a check for $11.6 million. 

He increased the Knicks payroll, which put them even further in salary cap hell.  Not to mention a coaching record that was a dismal 56-108, so he proved he couldn’t even coach the talent he brought in.

The first move he did was bringing home NYC point guard Stephon Marbury. That move alone should have proved to Knicks fan what the Isiah Thomas era would be like. The team had to also take back the contract of an aging Penny Hardaway as well. 

This move raised eyebrows, since Marbury had done nothing but create havoc in the locker room of the teams he previously played for.  The self-proclaimed best point guard in the game did not elevate the game of his teammates and soon wore out his welcome in the Garden.  

All Thomas did was add to a salary cap that was already through the roof.  All he did was cause embarrassment to himself, and the Knicks organization.  All he did was make the Knicks fans wish for the days of Scott Layden.

In three months, Isiah Thomas overhauled the entire Knicks roster.  All that was left of the Scott Layden era was Allan Houston and Kurt Thomas. It seemed as if Thomas made trades just for the sake of them.  He brought in Tim Thomas, Vin Baker, Steve Francis, and Jalen Rose.    Players that were at the end of their career.  He gave tremendous amounts of money to unproven players such as Jared Jeffries, and Jerome James.  Let’s not bring up Eddy Curry, whose contract is still on the Knicks books for another year, and the guy has barely broke a sweat. 

Isiah Thomas’s pattern was taking on max contracts and trading away young talent and expiring contracts.  How can Dolan even think about bringing him back? 

“Isaiah is a good evaluator of young talent” Dolan stated as his reason for bringing Thomas back to the Knicks.

But what good is someone who can evaluate young talent if the organization is not willing to develop them?

For every David Lee, Trevor Ariza or Wilson Chandler, there was a Renaldo Blackman or Mardy Collins.  The jury is still out on Danilo Gallinari.

 Blunder after blunder, but yet Isiah Thomas can do nothing wrong in the eyes of James Dolan. 

It doesn’t matter to James Dolan what kind of scandals Isiah Thomas brings, or how horrible a record he had while coaching the team.  So how soon before that part-time job becomes a full-time General Manager position?