WWE Fantasy League Update: Groupings and Missing Picks.

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIAugust 11, 2010

Everyone Quiet Down because the Awesomeness is about to speak.

Hello everybody. For those of you that have signed up for the WWE Fantasy League, i have some updates and last minute reminders for you.

First of all, i have still not received picks from the following people that have signed up.


John Stanton

Ryne Alexander

John Smith

Gary Johnson

Doug Greer

Tom Harvey

Sean Novak

Brian Jacobson

Demha Zyya

BJ Racine

Dcky Jay

Alexandre Todorov

Myles Bell

Dan Power

Claude Pease

Dynamite Bill

Arvind Kang

Dylan Thomas

Sam Ghosh 


If those people could write their picks on my profile, through personal message, or in the comments below, that would be great. I need them before 12:00 pm est on Sunday for you to participate. Just a reminder, you need to pick 5 superstars and 1 diva. 


Now i have divided the people who have sent me picks into two separate groups. The two groups are Raw and Smackdown. It was a random drawing.





The Awesomeness that is Ben Gartland

Matthew Hester

Edward Ewence

Ross Mcleod

Brad West

Ellixs Tulugan

Alex Rivas

Marty Leap

Mrinal Agrawal

Jacob Rubenstein

Michael Finley

OC Crazy

Pimpin All Time

Michael Thomson

Chris Polson

Justin Davis

Ryan SZ

Amanda Tingle

Cody Fryman

Pranay Megchiani

Jamey Pulliam

Joe Lamia

Matthew Offerman

Tom Cuthbertson

Smart Khusro


Dylan Brozvna





Trey Wonder

Iam D Real Deal Yo

Rey Garcia

Ashton Booker

Stan Juili

Nathan Bentley

The Phenom 2.0

Jake Cole

Brandon Wilson

Bob Jones

Dan M

Randy Orton’s numba 1 fan aka Marina Mtz

Sven Webster

Mini Man

Rich Lani

John Martin

Rated RKO

Paul goldman

Dr. Harvey


Dan Kendall

Isa Granke

Chris Anderson

Canon Ashford


LP Morono.


Here are Everybody's picks so far.