Did Hulk Hogan Really Just Say That?! WHAT?!!

John KindelanAnalyst IIIAugust 11, 2010

I searched Bleacher Report to see if anyone had written anything about this, but I can’t turn anything up. I apologize if it's already been covered.

I was writing my series Wrestling’s Overrated and Underrated and didn’t get a chance to follow up with this, quite possibly the most real things to ever be heard in wrestling.

On the August 5th episode of TNA Impact Kevin Nash came out to confront Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He went on about how he was finally getting to meet the two of them face to face, and how he’s upset because he’s not being talked about.

And then it happened. Hogan said something I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear him say.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve all stepped back. Our time is over, it's guys like Jay Lethal, AJ Styles, The Guns, Beer Money. They’re the stars that are going to take us to the next decade. We pass the torch. We keep helping. Comfy for Pay Checks, Minimum Effort/Maximum Payoff, the politics, the smoke and mirrors, and dazzling footwork. Big Sexy, those days are over Brother."

HO-LEE CRAP!  Did Hulk Hogan just say that?

Looked like that’s what Nash was thinking too?


Did he know this was coming? Was this a shoot? Scripted? What just happened?!

Nash responds with, “Hulk Hogan is talking to Kevin Nash about POLITICS?!”

Bischoff stepped in and made comments that Nash’s entire career was politics and cliques.

Nash then went on to say something about, "You know how you meet a guy you shouldn’t have messed with, that’s me." Or something along those lines; I was too flabbergasted to comprehend anything else at this point. He tosses Bischoff and goes to attack Hogan, who blocks it, and then starts throwing the rights. They were basically cartoon punches, and Nash acts in accordance like a cartoon character reeling. All that was missing was a little bird tweeting around his head and a large lump to suddenly grow.

Maybe he did this as a retaliation to take away from the words that were just said. But wow. How can this be ignored? How is this not one of those things where we all ask, "What the heck just happened there, does Hogan really mean that? Was it his choice? The writers? What HAPPENED?!"

Then yeah, Sting returns, wearing the red and black, tosses Nash the bat and helps him fight off Jeff Jarrett. Snore. When they screamed he’s wearing the RED & BLACK I was hoping they’d add, “And the brown hair dye! What is this Sting up too?!”

The funny thing is that this is being billed on YouTube as Sting’s return, when it should be Hogan FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH. If this was scripted, wow well-played, your best work since No Holds Barred.

TNA, you’ve hooked me in again.

By the way Happy 57th birthday to Hulk Hogan today, August 11th.