College Football Rankings: The Big 12's Hottest Fanbases

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2010

College Football Rankings: The Big 12's Hottest Fanbases

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    It's almost that time again—when men of all ages have the opportunity to gawk at the lovely female fans that make college football an even more pleasurable experience.

    While SEC and Pac-10 schools get most of the credit for providing educations to the hottest honeys, the Big 12 can certainly hold its own.

    Here's a look at the hottest fanbases in the Big 12.

No. 12: Iowa State

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    Does this girl actually go to Iowa State?  Apparently she does.  Despite Jodi's undeniable beauty, the fact remains that most of the talent tends to head east to Iowa City or west to Lincoln.

No. 11: Kansas

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    Laura clearly provides  a somewhat exaggerated portrayal of the caliber of girls at Kansas, simply because the fact remains that the Big 12 South is much deeper than the Big 12 North.

No. 10: Kansas State

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    Say hello to Tristyn Rutledge, who is representing the Kansas State delegation. Tristyn appeared in Playboy's Girls of the Big 12 edition and is undoubtedly a loyal supporter of the Wildcats.

No. 9: Texas Tech

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    Texas Tech is overshadowed by its fellow Texas schools, but there are plenty of nice prospects in Lubbock if you know where to find them.

No. 8: Missouri Tigers

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    Mizzou is decent when it comes to girls, but there is no doubt that not many Tigers fans are as hot as calendar girl Katie.

No. 7: Nebraska

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    Say hello to Melissa Midwest, who is an Internet sensation (for obvious reasons) and an avid supporter of Big Red.

No. 6: Colorado

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    This might be a little high for Colorado, but just look at the picture! I'm not sure where these girls were when I went to Boulder.

No. 5: Baylor

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    There's nothing like school spirit. These girls should have a great time this fall regardless of how Baylor fares on the gridiron.

No. 4: Oklahoma State

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    Oklahoma State has a powerful athletic program with plenty of success. It also has some of the best-looking women in all of college sports.

No. 3: Texas A&M

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    Although it can't compete with the loaded roster at Texas, A&M's student body contains plenty of beauties.

No. 2: Oklahoma

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    One of the most iconic images of college football in recent years. There is nothing like the spectacle of the Red River Shootout, both on and off the field.

No. 1: Texas

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    How could you not want to get your education at Texas? The student body's hotness is known around the globe. There is no question that Texas can compete with SEC powers Florida, LSU, and Georgia in the hottest fans category.