Why Samoa Joe Should Leave TNA and Join WWE

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIMarch 9, 2017

TNA suspended Samoa Joe for 30 days a couple of weeks ago when he blew up over the way TNA handled the finish to his match agianst Jeff Hardy. Samoa Joe has had many issues with TNA his entire career from being too "edgy" on the mic to not having that muscular look that say Hulk Hogan or Matt Morgan have. Samoa Joe never seems to garner the respect within TNA no matter what he does, and I feel that maybe its time for Samoa Joe to tell TNA good bye and join up with WWE.

One of the biggest reasons that WWE is so successful is because the creative team can really build up a superstar and make a storyline memorable. Samoa Joe is a unique talent because he has a physical look that reminds me of Husky Harris, but his wrestling skills are just as good if not better than ECW legend Tazz. Samoa Joe could really recieve a bad ass persona from WWE staff and maybe get a chance to prove his worth in the ring with some top talent like Randy Orton, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and others.

Now there are fans that do not believe when I say that the WWE creative staff including Vince McMahon, are some of the greatest minds when it comes to creating a star in this line of work. An example that proves it is Bret Hart, Hart was a mega star in WWE who was headlining pay-per-views and having steller matches each night whether as a heel or as a babyface. After the 1997 Survivor Series, Hart went to WCW and even though he did win the world title in late 1999, Hart pretty much was misused the entire time in WCW and was never the same guy that he was in WWE.

There are other examples of this such as Kurt Angle and Randy Savage, but on rare occasions a superstar can leave WWE and have greater success else where like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, and Christian Cage. So what this means is that the WWE can strike out on some great talent, but usually they can work with a great superstar and make him a star.

Samoa Joe was the Ring of Honor world champion for 21 straight months during his tenure there, so he can be a creditable world champion. The world championship reign he had in TNA back in 2008 was pretty much a failure because he never got to have a classic match with anyone in that title reign and he had to lost in the end to someone well past his prime, Sting. Joe has all the talent in the world to be a world champion wherever he goes, but in my opinion he needs to join the WWE to achieve his greatest heights.

How to Build-Up Samoa Joe in WWE

Samoa Joe should not be placed in NXT because he is no rookie and pretty much all wrestling fans know who he is. Samoa Joe's best in ring work seems to happen when he is a heel because his mat skills can make any match memorable so have Joe come in as a heel agianst an upper-choice babyface. Samoa Joe always seems to have excellent matches with talent that are lighter than him so maybe someone like Rey Mysterio could be the best fit for Joe when he starts in WWE.

Samoa Joe would need a new name sure, but keep the persona the same in the sense that he is a bad ass that will snap your neck and then make you tap out. Joe needs a huge entrance to WWE fans so maybe even have him take out a top babyface to get him across everybody in the WWE universe. Once fans see the potiental this guy has, then place him in a feud with a top tier talent who can have a great match if given the chance, someone like Christian. Once Joe destroys Christian then have him go on a Goldberg like streak where he is undefeated for a long time and also maybe throw the U.S or IC title on him to make him look even more creditable. Once he hits the climax of the streak with fans, have him enter a major feud with a veteran like Orton or whoever is the world champion. Yea Joe's streak may end but in a rematch he could win the world title and thus prove how smart the WWE was for signing him.

WWE has dropped the ball on talent who have come from other orginizations like Bryan Danielson, Booker T, X-Pac, and Christian; but Samoa Joe cannot not base his future on those failures because where Samoa Joe is at right now, its a lose-lose situation. R.O.H could be an ok place to put Joe at, but its not a major orginization so he won't be able to get his name out there to many wrestling fans so there really is only one place to go and display his talent. WWE is a risk worth taking for Joe and if he does join WWE then he will eventually become a world champion.