The Bar Has Been Raised To All Time Highs In The SEC: The Saban Factor

Colin Contributor IAugust 11, 2010


    Questions about your coach in the SEC?  You have good reason to be concerned.  Get out your measuring stick.  Not that roll of tape measure in the drawer.  The Nick Saban measuring stick.  Don't have one?  Let me explain..

    In the second year of Nick Saban's current tenure at Alabama the Tide put up a 12-0 regular season, and finished the regular season ranked #1 in the Nation.  

    During that season Alabama went to Georgia and put a beatdown on what was then the #3 team in the nation.  How bad?  It was 31-0 at halftime.  The Mark Richt Blackout party turned into a funeral, because Richt has been irrelevant in the SEC ever since.

    Tommy Bowden brought his highly ranked Clemson Tigers to the Georgia Dome to face Alabama that year, and left with a 34-10 loss.  A few days later Bowden called Nick Saban to ask him how to revive his team after such a gut wrenching loss.  Needless to say Tommy Bowden lost his job before the season was over, he never recovered.

    There was a few coaches that would lose their job that year, because of Nick Saban.  Phil Fulmer, Tommy Tuberville, & Sly Croom would all join that dreaded club at the end of the 2008 season.  All took lopsided losses against Nick Saban's Alabama team that year. 

    Last year of course Alabama went an undefeated 12-0 in the regular season yet again.  Accomplishing a very rare feat on the way to the BCS National championship, knocking off 5 teams that finished in the AP top 20. 

    So let's take a look at a few of the current coaches and their SEC regular season records over the last 2 years:  Nick Saban 16-0, Urban Meyer 15-1, Mark Richt 10-6, Houston Nutt 9-7, Les Miles 8-8, Steve Spurrier 7-11, & Bobby Petrino 5-11. 

    So if you take out the Nick Saban measuring stick and measure Les Miles, you get half the coach Nick Saban is.  Nothing more.  Also, If you took Les Miles brain and multiplied it by 2 you get 2 absent minded Boobs. 

    At SEC media days when asked about Nick Saban's pimp comment, Urban Meyer said.  "Nick said that?"  "Well yeah, I agree.. They're predators." said Meyer.

    Nick Saban has gotten Meyer's attention in more ways than one.  Just this past week Urban Meyer announced that he will close practices this year to keep "scumbags and internet people out."  Ironic.

    He was talking to you ""Internet person!""  Whatever that means..? 

    Meyer also said "I'm not the only one doing this, other coaches are doing it too."  Oh, you mean Nick Saban.  Saban has closed practices ever since he's been at Alabama.

    Meyer has learned a lot during the past few months, and that's scary when you compare him to Saban.  He's the only coach in the nation I see that can hold a candle next to Saban.  Still, no matter what Nick Saban is always about 3 steps ahead of the game.  

    It came out yesterday that Saban is barring all NFL scouts from practice right now, and the ban could be lifted later on.  Turns out Urban Meyer is doing the same thing.  From now on, when asked a question Meyer should just point to Nick Saban and say.. "What he said."