Alabama Football: Blake Sims Practices at Third Position

Trent CalvertCorrespondent IAugust 11, 2010

Nick Saban instructing Demarcus Milliner, another true freshman.
Nick Saban instructing Demarcus Milliner, another true freshman.Dave Martin/Getty Images

During Alabama's preseason practice, it is common for backup and new players to get experience at multiple positions. So far, no player has switched positions as much as Blake Sims, though. The versatile freshman opened practice at defensive back, then joined the quarterbacks through Monday. Tuesday, he was with the running backs.

'Bama could definitely use Sims' blazing speed taking snaps in the Wildcat position.  Alabama coach Nick Saban said, "Since he wasn't here in the summer, he didn't really have the opportunity to learn and grow as a quarterback. But as a guy that can play quarterback on a scout team, as a guy who could run ‘wildcat' [formation] for the defense and the quarterback runs, he's a talented guy that has natural running skills."

Sims could also be useful as a scout team QB who can simulate a mobile opponent like Kevin Newsome, Stephen Garcia, or Cameron Newton, for the Tide defense.

Sims did not academically qualify for Alabama at the end of May, but thrilled Tide fans when he got the necessary grades by attending summer school.

When he was recruited by Alabama, he was expected to play wide receiver or safety, although he played QB in high school.

In the future, Blake Sims is a multiple-threat player to watch.