Buccos Strike Gold: Pittsburgh's Treasure Hunt Pays Off

Charlie CoxCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

Yesterday afternoon with seconds to go until the trade deadline, the Pittsburgh Pirates made a risky move trading away their slugger, Jason Bay, as part of a three team trade including Pittsburgh, Boston, and the LA Dodgers. Critics may be cynical, just like me, however, this trade shows shades of the slugger Tony Pena trade to acquire Andy Van Slyke and lead to consecutive prominent playoff trips.

I am still skeptical about the trade. I believe it was a desperate move on the Pirates part to get pitching, however they did turn out with very good prospects in the Bay and Nady trades (P Craig Hansen, P Jeff Karstens, IF Andy LaRoche, OF Brandon Moss, P Brian Morris, P Daniel McCutchen, P Ross Ohlendorf, and OF Jose Tabata).

Karsten's six inning shutout today, followed by Moss's double play, and Andy LaRoche's(Adam LaRoche's brother) hit and run concluding in the Buccos' 3-0 shutout over the NL Central leader proved that there is hope in the transactions.

Hansen is a hard throwing righty, Morris, though he is in A ball, shows enormous potential, especially at the age of 20, and Tabata, the speedy outfielder, all give the Buccos' future hope.

I applaude Neal Huntington and John Russell with what they are doing to try to turn this 15 year cursed ball club around, despite my skepticism on the recent trade.