Monday Night Raw Recap: You're Either Nexus or You're Against Us

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

We kick off Raw with Bret Hart coming out to the ring. Bret Hart cuts a promo, asking Edge and Chris Jericho to rejoin Team WWE for SummerSlam this Sunday. Chris Jericho comes out and says he will not rejoin Team WWE.

Edge comes out and joins Hart and Jericho who are already in the ring. He cuts a promo saying he will join Team WWE. After Jericho leaves the ring, Edge tries to deliver a big boot to Hart. Hart catches it and drops Edge as he tries to lock in the Sharpshooter on the Rated R Superstar. Jericho delivers a thumb to the eye to Hart, saving Edge from the Sharpshooter.

Natalya runs down to the ring to inform Bret that The Nexus attacked the Hart Dynasty. They show the Nexus on the titantron with the Hart Dynasty down after being beaten up. Barrett quickly mentions that Nexus attacked the Hart Dynasty to eliminate possible replacements for Edge and Jericho.

Decent start to the show. Hart’s promo wasn’t that bad, too bad I can’t say the same for his wrestling abilities.

After Bret saw the Hart Dynasty, he grabbed a chair so he could go out and get some revenge. Before he could go anywhere Cena was there to talk some sense into him.

The first match of the night was between the US Champion, The Miz, and The High Flying Evan Bourne. The  decision would go to the Miz after a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz picks up the win and some momentum.

The match was not one to my liking. Looks like Evan Bourne is back to jobbing, what happened to the push? Miz wins a predictable bout between the two.

They show a video of Melina’s return last week. Following the video Alicia Fox and Melina are set to go one on one. Melina gets the win here after she countered Alicia into the Last Call Sunset Bomb.

Another disappointment of a match. The win obviously makes Melina next in line for the title, hell even if she had lost she’d be the No. 1 contender.

Josh Matthews is backstage with the great Khali. He asks Khali what side he is on, Nexus or WWE. Khali responds by saying WWE. Khali says some stuff in Indian before he grabs the mic and challenges Wade Barrett to a match tonight.

After the Anonymous GM announces that Alicia Fox will defend the Divas Championship at SummerSlam against Melina, he also confirms Khali vs. Barrett for tonight and that Sheamus is going to call out Orton later on in the show.

Edge and Jericho are backstage talking. The segment is regarding Nexus and SummerSlam. Edge tells Chris even if the Nexus do win at SummerSlam they’ll survive it. Jericho comes to the conclusion that if they take out Cena and Bret, there will be no SummerSlam match and that they will be in the clear.

Truth and Morrison are shown talking among themselves. They’re talking about how they need replacements for the SummerSlam match. Mark Henry comes in and tells them that they can count him in and that they can consider his match tonight an audition.

The next match is supposed to be Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase, but hold on. Nexus is there to ambush Henry which means yet another possible replacement is out of the mix.

A lot of stuff to discuss after all of that. First of, Khali vs. Barrett? That’s a joke right? I like Edge and Jericho’s gameplan for the match later on in the night; it sounds just like something the two would do. Glad to see the Nexus keep Henry out of the match, not a fan of the guy. Loving that the Nexus are taking out just about anyone who wants in the match at SummerSlam, great angle here.

Sheamus comes out to the ring. He says he didn’t get in the ring with Randy because he was scared of what he’d do to him. Sheamus shows a video to the WWE Universe so they’d understand exactly how dangerous he is. Sheamus calls out Orton, who then tells Sheamus that he believes that Sheamus is capable of hurting people, but he doesn’t believe that Sheamus didn’t get in the ring with him because he was scared of what he’d do to him. They go back and forth until Orton finally drops a bombshell by telling Sheamus to redeem himself for last week and do something about it. 

The Anonymous GM gets into things as he mentions he does not want anyone interfering in the match, threatening them with a indefinite suspension. He also says that if Randy loses he will be at the back of the line for a title shot again. He finishes by encouraging Sheamus to do something about it.

Sheamus starts walking away and then fakes a punch before he starts walking away again. Orton would attack him from behind as he was walking away. Orton and Sheamus fight in the ring, ending with Orton lined up for the Punt. Orton stops the Punt before he hit Sheamus, when Sheamus realized the position he was in he was scared half to death. Orton takes the WWE Title and holds it up outside the ring before he tosses it back at Sheamus and walks away.

I liked the segment a lot and enjoyed when Randy almost punted Sheamus. Maybe he’ll go through with it on Sunday. It should be a good match.

After the break we are going to have a three-on-three Tag Team match with the remaining NXT Rookies. It was Kaval, Percy Watson, and Lucky Cannon vs.  Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris. Sheamus is still ringside after the near Punt from Orton. McGillicutty, Riley, and Harris get the win after Harris hits his splash for the pin. After the match, Sheamus beat down Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, and Lucky Cannon.

Another terrible match, actually glad to see Sheamus beat them down after, ha.

Next match is Ryder teaming with Regal vs. Morrison and Truth. The match would go to Morrison and Truth after Starship Pain from John Morrison. I guess this is a sign of some hope for Team WWE.

Another less than stellar matchup, what else is new?

Next is the Triple Threat Divas Tag Team Match between the Bellas, Eve, and Gail Kim and Maryse and Jillian with special guest referee, Santino Marrella. The Bellas would win the contest after Nikkia hit a cross body for the pin. After the match Tamina comes to the ring in a swimsuit, not letting Santino leave. As Santino is finally allowed to leave, Tamina slaps Santino on the ass.

Tamina slapping Santino on the ass? I thought this was PG, haha. Not a good match at all and since when do we have two divas matchups in one night?

Khali vs. Barrett is scheduled as the next match, but Nexus would attack Khali as he was heading to the ring backstage. The match is cancelled because Khali is not able to compete.

Last up is the main event. Nexus come to the ring and cuts a brief promo, and it ends with Otunga saying anybody considering joining Team WWE should look at what they did tonight. As Bret and Cena are coming to the ring, they run into Miz. They talk about Miz joining Team WWE; Miz says he’ll give them an answer this Sunday.

During the match Edge and Jericho’s strategy was to throw Cena and Bret the Nexus’s direction. Every time it happened Nexus would beat them up for a little while and throw them back. When Jericho came out the first time, Nexus didn’t touch him and they let him go back into the ring peacefully. After Jericho accidentally collided with Barrett, Cena clotheslined Jericho outside the ring where Nexus beat him down. Edge tried to get in there for the save, but they beat him down too.

Bret pulled Gabriel into the ring to try and fight him, but the Nexus would pull him back out where they would huddle to strategize. Cena and Bret stood alone as Nexus looked to get in the ring. Morrison and Truth would come running out to make the odds seven on four. As the Nexus got in the ring, Jericho and Edge were on the ramp looking on. Jericho and Edge eventually decided to join the four in the ring to make the odds seven on six. Edge would throw the first punch as the two teams collided. Nexus would end up retreating into the crowd. The show ends with the six staring down the Nexus.

I guess this means Jericho and Edge rejoined the team, can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Nice ending to the show. Overall, a not so impressive show here. SummerSlam is this Sunday and there are some interesting things about SummerSlam. Who will be the seventh man? What will Undertaker do at the PPV (he’s supposed to return)? Will Orton become the New WWE Champion? Will Miz cash in MITB? Those are just some of the questions revolving around SummerSlam. The show looks like it could be a good one, depending on what other SmackDown matches are thrown into the mix. Tune in next week to find out the aftermath of WWE SummerSlam.


Quick Match Results

The Miz def. Evan Bourne via pinfall

Melina def. Alicia Fox via pinfall

Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Henry ends in a No Contest

Husky Harris, Alex Riley and Michael McGillicutty def. Percy Watson, Kaval & Lucky Cannon via pinfall

The Bellas def. Gail Kim & Eve and Maryse & Jillian via pinfall

John Cena & Bret Hart vs. Edge & Jericho ends in a No Contest  


Current SummerSlam Card

WWE Championship-Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

7 on 7 Elimination Tag Team Match-Team WWE vs. The Nexus

World Heavyweight Championship-Kane (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Divas Championship-Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina

Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society (3 on 1 Handicap Match)

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