Boston Red Sox: Life Without Manny Ramirez, a New Life with Jason Bay

Taylor HatchCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

Yesterday we saw what may be the biggest trade since 2004 when Theo made the move to get rid of Nomar. Manny, the Manny who won the MVP in the 2004 World Series, the Manny who earlier this year hit his 500 home-run, the Manny that has supplied the Red Sox with so much offense, was gone for good.

Watching NESN's trade deadline show, as it neared the fourth, it was looking more and more like Manny would be playing come Friday night versus the A's. Some might say that this was a mistake for the Red Sox, and how they should have kept him, but in reality, the Red Sox may in fact just be better off without the slugger. 

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen the happy Manny that we saw in spring training turn into a Manny who seemed to be messing with the chemistry in the clubhouse and throughout the rest of the organization.

After many comments he made about the Red Sox, and how he wanted out, I believe that all Red Sox fans knew that he would be leaving one way or another. It happened, and we got Pirates outfielder, Jason Bay, who besides his average is hitting about the same as Manny was at the time of his departure.

In the long run this will probably turn out to be a good move for the Red Sox. It has been proven before that a bad clubhouse does not win baseball games, and you need that good chemistry to play and win World Championships. Bay, of course will be put under some pressure to perform and help the Sox win some games, but I'm sure that he will help the Sox in some type of way.

The Bottom Line—time will tell whether or not this trade was good or bad for the Boston Red Sox.