Will Tracy McGrady Signing with Detroit Pistons Hurt the Chicago Bulls?

Brian ChappattaCorrespondent IIAugust 10, 2010

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According to reports from the Associated Press and Yahoo! Sports, Tracy McGrady will sign a one year, $1.3 million contract with the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons have fallen from one of the Eastern Conference's best teams to one struggling for playoff contention.

This move comes off as low-risk, high reward for a squad that will be fighting for the eighth seed in the postseason.

Of course, Detroit was not McGrady's ideal destination. It was the Chicago Bulls, another team in the NBA's Central Division.

However, McGrady's reluctance to accept a bench role on the Bulls left him out of favor in the Windy City. Chicago made that clear over the weekend when the team signed shooting guard Keith Bogans.

Between Bogans and McGrady, it's clear who has the bigger name and could make the bigger impact. It's T-Mac all the way.

That begs the question—will the Bulls regret not taking a chance on McGrady?

Imagine if McGrady returns to form and eventually starts for the Pistons. He will never regain his explosiveness, but you can't coach 6'7''. Plus he has excellent court vision.

Couldn't the Bulls use a scorer at the shooting guard? Someone who could take the pressure off Derrick Rose and feed off of Carlos Boozer?

Of course they could, but McGrady is not that guy.

What the Bulls needed more than anything was a player who could play defense, who could shoot the ball reasonably well, and most importantly, who could accept a role on an already well-built team.

McGrady fails on all three accounts.

It's saying something when Tom Thibodeau, who has coached McGrady in the past, does not want him on the first team he can call his own. He's building a squad with a team-first mentality and one built on defense.

McGrady played in 30 total games last season. Bogans started 50 contests for the San Antonio Spurs.

Right now, Bogans would shut down McGrady.

Could that ultimately change if McGrady gets healthy? Sure.

The Bulls might have missed on a great opportunity to add a scorer in the backcourt, and unfortunately, if they did, McGrady is now in their division.

Still, some players just don't fit on a certain team. Take J.R. Smith for example. The Bulls traded him away for almost nothing.

Now, he's a dynamic scorer on the Denver Nuggets.

Yet, he's not the type of player Chicago is looking for, especially with impressionable young players on the roster.

Would they have preferred McGrady not sign with a division rival? Probably. But now, Bulls fans can cheer against Ben Gordon and McGrady.

Still, if McGrady is as washed-up as management seemed to indicate after his workout in Chicago, the Bulls have nothing to worry about.