The Mystery of Poker On ESPN

Nicholas DomingueContributor IAugust 10, 2010

No offense to poker fans, but something about a current piece of ESPN's programming has always boggled my mind. To be totally honest, I have always wondered why ESPN broadcasts poker tournaments. Poker is definitely not a sport in my opinion, to me it would be classified as more of a hobby/fun or just plain gambling, but surely not sports. I have tuned in briefly to see what it was all about, and found it to be more boring than watching golf or tennis, also, no offense to fans of either of those sports.

Seriously, watching people play cards is not entertaining to me in any way and it makes you wonder if ESPN is just using those poker tournaments as filler for time slots where they obviously have nothing else to broadcast. It reminds me of a few years ago when I turned on ESPN and no kidding, they had a spelling bee on! Now, I have nothing against spelling bees, I was in a few of them when I was a kid and they're all good and well, but SERIOUSLY, lol, folks, when did spelling bees become sporting events? I can just picture it now...

John: Well Bob, how do you feel about the contestants today?

Bob: You know John, I feel it's been quite a competition today. In the preseason spelling bee rankings, Quincy James was ranked #1, but I tell you, Tracy Lee has really been showing the polls were all wrong John, she's making a case for Bee MVP

John: You have made a great point Bob, this definitely has been the most nail-biting bee since the Bee of 93!

LOL as you can see, spelling bees and ESPN are an odd couple in my opinion, as well as poker and ESPN. If anyone could tell me exactly what the purpose of poker being shown on ESPN is, I will surely listen and contemplate! Thanks for reading!