Where Does He Stand? Clay Guida's Run For the Money

Shane WalkerContributor IAugust 10, 2010


This past weekend at UFC 117, Clay “the Carpenter” Guida (27-11), finished Rafael dos Anjos (14-5) via submission.

It was an odd submission, since Guida was even unaware of why Anjos tapped out. During the first round, Guida landed a solid three strike combination that supposedly broke Rafael dos Anjos’ jaw.

Early in the third round, Clay Guida was working his famous and aggressive ground game. He had Anjos’ head pinned against the cage and was applying a lot of pressure to his jaw with his shoulder.

Due to the pain and a great deal of pressure on his jaw, Anjos was forced to tap.

So where does this put Clay Guida in the rankings for a title shot?

Since Guida has been in the UFC, he's had an “up and down” record, coming in at seven wins with five losses.

However, Guida has won five of his last seven fights since April of 2008, and one of those losses was a split decision to Diego Sanchez (which was the fight of the year).

His other loss was to Kenny Florian, who is arguably one of the best lightweight fighters of this generation.

By no means has Clay Guida earned a title shot, but he might be getting close to a fight for the number one contender spot.


Here are some possible upcoming fights for Clay Guida:


George Sotiropolulos

Now this would be a great fight in my opinion.

Sotiropolulos is 6-0 in the UFC and is currently one of the best fighters in the lightweight division.

Sotiropolulos has run through most of his opponents without much strain. He is a world class grappler and has great boxing skills.

In my opinion, Sotiropolulos’ next fight should be for the No. 1 contender spot, because it is well deserved.

With Guida’s aggressive ground game and great ground and pound, and Sotriopolulos’ awesome skills from the bottom position, this could be an awesome and interesting match up for the both of them.


Gray Maynard, If He Loses To Kenny Florian

Gray Maynard is also undefeated in his UFC career with one “no contest.”

If Gray Maynard wins his fight against Kenny Florian, then he will/should fight the winner of Edgar and Penn.

Gray Maynard is a great fighter and has proven that along with his undefeated record. He has great wrestling, which he uses to control some of his fights, kind of like Georges St. Pierre and Jon Fitch.


Clay Guida also has great wrestling and ground control.

These two fighters would create a great fight to see who could best control each other on the ground.


Winner of Ross Pearson and Cole Miller

Ross Pearson is the winner of the Ultimate Fighter season nine. He is 3-0 in the UFC and is looking much better each fight.

He has a bright future in the UFC and very well could be fighting for a title in the next year or two.

Cole Miller is 5-2 in the UFC, with a notable win over Dan Lauzon.

If Ross Pearson beats Cole Miller, then a Pearson-Guida fight could be for No. 1 contender, or the winner can go on to fight some one else for the No. 1 contender.

If Miller beats Pearson, then a Miller-Guida fight could set up two options.

If Guida beats Miller, he should be next in line for a fight to gain the No. 1 contender spot.

If Miller wins, Guida would drop again in the rankings and Miller would need another fight before fighting for the No. 1 contender spot.


Guida sells PPVs

Not everyone may “like” Clay Guida, but who doesn’t enjoy watching him fight?


Clay Guida has some of the best fights in the UFC, not to mention his great personality and extra loud burps in between rounds.

Guida may or may not be ready to fight for the No. 1 contender spot, but no matter who he fights, people will be interested.

Guida has great sportsmanship and is a class act for the UFC.

In my opinion, I think Clay Guida and George Sotiropolulos should fight next. The winner of that fight should fight the current champion.

Thanks for reading.