Red Sox Nation Mourns The Loss Of a Citizen

john doeCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

            Red Sox nation has hung its flag upside down today. The proverbial nation is in mourning after trading one of the most prolific power hitters of this era. Although many categorize his behavior as petulant, there is no doubt that Ramirez is a maverick not only as a baseball player but in his personal life. From the dreads entangled within his baseball cap, to the sharp, unabashed comments that often time sting Red Sox high brass.

            As a player the native of the Dominican Republic, and one time resident of New York, played a style uniquely of his own. The protection he provided David Ortiz over the years helped make Ortiz, a relatively unknown slugger coming out of Minnesota into a Ruthian like Yankee nemesis. This season more recently his protection in the lineup has provided JD. Drew the platform for posting up career numbers, the likes he has never reached in his career.  

            In the final chapter  of a saga that saw everything from a 86 year old curse eclipsed, to  don Zimmer being  flung to the ground shortly after roger buzzed Manny in too tight, until the very end Ramirez always did it his way. The LA Dodgers are the most improved team today and for the rest of the season after this deal.