Norm Misrok@puckman4Contributor IAugust 9, 2010

The $130,000,000 question, more or alot less is...What course (s) of action can be implemented to get the New York Mets back on track, and not only be competitive, but of championship caliber?


Every Mets' fan has a plan that will place the franchise in a position to win, including me.  The two immediate courses of action are as follows:  start from scratch, including the trading of David Wright, Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, Johann Santana, and Carlos Beltran, or, which I believe is the more logical way to proceed, and possibly the most obvious, is to eat the salaries of Luis "I do not swing hard"  Castillo, Oliver "What a Waste!!!" Perez, and the possible trade of Reyes.  The first two are without question a waste of time and money, so buy them out, and cut bait. Castillo and Perez are just taking up roster spots.   Reyes is approaching the last year under contract, and has never fully lived up to his potential.  If he can be traded in the off-season for a frontline pitcher and a stick, Ruben Tejada would be more than capable of filling the defensive end of shortstop.  Additionally, Tejada is all of 21, so as he matures and begins to fill out, there will be more drive with his hitting, and he does not have to hit 20 homeruns.  The second base issue would be solved by signing Orlando Hudson, who wants, or at the least wanted, to play in the worst way for the Mets.


Furthermore, if you go position by position, there is the making of a pretty good team, even if the "core" is not broken up, but the most difficult aspect of these players, is to determine why they do not win.  For someone to say they "suck," is a complete misnomer.   They are major league players and all of them have track records.  The following are keepers, at least for now:  Wright, Davis. Thole, Pagan, Beltran (who should man-up and move to right field), Reyes (?), Bay, Tejeda, Santana, Pelfrey, Dickey, Neise, K-Rod (sign him to a two extension), Parnell, "PerpetualPedro" Feliciano, Acosta, Takahashi, Carter and F. Martinez.  Again, what must be determined is what is missing.  They need the determination and never say die attitude of "Rudy," of Notre Dame fame, the drive of Bryan Trottier and the swagger and cockiness of Joe Namath.  The other question is, can we get Dr. Frankenstein to make a player like I described?  A little attitude would not hurt. 

In regard to some of my suggestions from the previous paragraph, they all need to be implemented from the top...and that means Jeff, Fred and the person who will replace Omar.  As far as a manager, the common choice is Wally Backman.  At this point of time, I do not think he would be a good fit.  I do not want Joe Torre, because he is a Yankee.  The perfect manager, and I know he does not want the job, is Keith Hernandez.  He has forgotten more baseball than baseball people will ever know.

If the Wilpons play their cards correctly, and an empty Citi Field may be the ultimate motivator, the franchise can be turned around.  This team is not a total loss, but on the other hand, Lord Cornwallis thought he had a chance against General Washington in Yorktown.