Manny Ramirez over Juan Pierre? Wake Up, Dodgers!

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

I remember the first time I saw Juan Pierre. He was on first base. I looked at the tube and said to myself, "Wow, that guy's gonna go!" He went. He was halfway to second base before the pitcher got into his windup.

"Who the hell is THAT guy?" If ever a leopard was granted a license to play baseball and run bases, this was the cat. He's a thief, and he doesn't care that you know it. He's the kind of player that tells the first baseman as he's taking his lead, "I'm goin.'"

That being said, I'm a Yankees fan and happened to turn on the Diamondbacks at Dodgers game last night. I entered the Twilight Zone. I saw a game of small ball like I'd never seen in years. It was unreal to see Joe Torre giving signals a mile a minute, bunt attempt after bunt attempt, and, yes, a PERFECTLY executed hit and run.

I remember this game now. This is like we played when we were kids.

I'm used to the exciting high drama of Yankee Stadium. Big bats, big swings, big money.

This was something different. I'll watch again tonight. Enter Manny. I won't call it the Manny era, because I don't believe it's all that.

I saw Torre calling Manny one of the best hitters in the game in a postgame interview. Forget that. My question to the Dodger faithful is this: ARE YOU GOING TO REMOVE JUAN PIERRE FROM THE LINEUP FOR THIS LAZY SON OF A GUN?