Tim Tebow Has Nothing On the NBA: The 10 Worst All-Time Hoops Haircuts

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistAugust 9, 2010

Tim Tebow Has Nothing on the NBA: The 10 Worst All-Time Hoops Haircuts

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    Tim Tebow's stunning "Friar Tuck" look has already ascended to historic heights as being one of the worst haircuts of all time.

    Thankfully, Tebow's new 'do is nothing more than a harmless joke.

    Throughout the sports world, there are plenty of horrible haircuts.  The NBA has an impressive collection of current offenders who choose substance over style (Anderson Varejao) or style over substance (Ron Artest) while making a mockery of their games.

    Here's a look at ten of the NBA's worst haircuts:

No. 10: Chris Kaman

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    Kaman's approach to male-pattern baldness: grow it longer on the back.  The ultra-pale center thankfully shed his long locks last season.  Like many players on this list, his horrific hair overshadows the fact that he can really play.

No. 9: Anderson Varejao

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    The Cavaliers will have a different look next season for obvious reasons, but Varejao will be back with his signature look.

    In recent years, Varejao's hair has become less of a spectacle to NBA fans who have simply grown used to it.

    Sadly, it has inspired others to follow in his footsteps.

No. 8: Delonte West

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    If there was a list for the ugliest NBA player of all time, West's name would certainly be at, or near, the top of the list.  For the moment, he will have to settle for making the bad hair list with his hideous red afro.

    West's personal problems appear to be on the verge of making him an outcast from the NBA.  Maybe a fresh clean cut would make a difference.

No. 7: Jeff Hornacek

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    Surprised by Hornacek making the cut?

    His haircut was simple, but so stupid and ridiculous that it's impossible to forget.  There is no place for comb overs in professional sports, including the NBA.  Hornacek's appearance made him easy to hate and annoying to watch.

No. 6: Joakim Noah

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    Joakim Noah is a fun player to watch, but his hair makes his game difficult to stomach.

    As bad as it is, Noah would probably look even uglier if he was to shave his head.

No. 5: Chris Andersen

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    The Birdman's game is often overshadowed by his bizarre persona.  From addict to effective NBA player, his image has remained consistent throughout.

    His various 'dos add to his bigger-than-life legacy that makes him a fan favorite.  It might be different, but it's certainly not good.

No. 4: Drew Gooden

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    Drew Gooden is a weird dude.  His bizarre look two years ago gave him attention for all the wrong reasons.

    The man who once entered a beard challenge with DeShawn Stevenson shaved his head but for a thin braid in the back.  And then there was the thing on the front of his face.  He eventually parted ways with the haircut after being dealt to the Spurs.

    Gregg Popovich was probably not amused.

No. 3: Kurt Rambis

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    Rambis makes this list as much for his hideous mustache and glasses as his goofy hair.

    His flailing manner of play irritated opponents and provided a stark contrast to the poetic grace of Magic Johnson's Showtime squad.

    When Rambis was on the court, his sweaty hair was flat-out nasty looking.

No. 2: Ron Artest

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    Ron Artest has his own personal barber, which has enabled him to come up with some of the strangest and most complicated looks in the history of humanity, let alone sports.

    His multi-colored 'dos contain complex messages that supposedly inspire him to play better.  In reality, they just add to his reputation of being an interesting, albeit deeply disturbed, individual.

No. 1: Dennis Rodman

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    Rodman's sense of style is certainly unique.  In many ways, his colorful looks blazed a trail for the likes of Ron Artest to spend hours in the barbershop; or in Worm's case, the beauty salon.

    Rodman's debuted his original bleach-blonde look with the Spurs and took it to the next level after being traded to the Bulls.