UFC 117 Recap

Evan KanterContributor IAugust 9, 2010

Anderson “The Spider” Silva retained his Middleweight Championship in a victory over challenger Chael Sonnen. Silva now becomes 12-0 in his UFC career. For months, Sonnen talked an unbelievable amount of smack. From things like saying Silva has been ducking him, Lance Armstrong deserves cancer, and he would put Silva on his back more than a porn star, the cameras followed Sonnen. However, Sonnen certainly backed up his talk, and then some. But that only lasted 23 minutes, and he needed it to last 25. After winning the first four rounds decisively, Sonnen let his guard down in round five. Silva locked in a triangle choke, and Sonnen was forced to tap out. Sonnen was in disbelief after the fight, as were many of the viewers.

Some believe that Sonnen deserves an instant rematch, while others do not. I believe that he should get an automatic rematch, partially because nobody else deserves one. Vitor Belfort does not deserve a title shot, as he beat Rich Franklin, and that is about it. Many say that Sonnen should have to win one or two more fights before getting another crack at Silva, but the problem with that is there is no other threat to Silva at this time. The UFC has been doing rematches lately anyway, so this fits right in.

Jon Fitch got another borefest victory, this time over Thiago Alves. Fitch now has eight straight decision fights, totaling 130 minutes. He awaits the winner of the St. Pierre/Koscheck fight. Junior Dos Santos beat Roy Nelson, but was unable to finish him. Dos Santos fights the winner of Lesnar/Velasquez. Matt Hughes and Clay Guida also picked up submission victories.