Remembering Fred Cusick: The Legendary Voice of the Boston Bruins

Joe GillCorrespondent IIAugust 9, 2010

From Boston Sports Then And Now Staff Writer: Jon Fucile

The Bruins are not defined only by the legends who have laced up the skates or the men behind the bench commanding the boys in black and gold.

There are others, some using only their exuberant voices, who helped make iconic moments in Boston Bruins history.

One of those men, perhaps the greatest, is the late Fred Cusick. Cusick was the signature voice of the Bruins for over 40 years before retiring in 1997.

But Cusick was more than just the voice of the Bruins. He was not simply a man trying to earn a paycheck announcing games. He loved hockey, and he loved the Bruins, a love so deep that you could hear it in his voice during every call.

Cusick’s classic “Scooore!” after a Bruins goal is just as popular in Bruins' lore as the legendary players themselves, a call that has often been imitated but never adequately duplicated.

He called games with the enthusiasm of a child running down the stairs on Christmas morning, whether it was the seventh game of the regular season or the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Final.

His booming voice is a huge part of the biggest moments in Bruins history, as big as Bobby Orr’s famous goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup-clinching game.

He was also instrumental in getting the Bruins on television in the mid 1960s. When the Bruins had Saturday night games during the 1963-64 season, Cusick would record voice-overs and edit the footage before playing the recordings on television the following day.

The combination of Cusick’s effort and legendary voice soon led to live Bruins games being aired on television.

When the Hockey Hall of Fame began inducting media members in 1984, Cusick was deservedly amongst the first inductees, due to his great efforts to share his love for hockey and the Bruins with a wider audience. Cusick blazed the path that all other Boston announcers have tried to follow since.

Cusick died on Sept. 15, 2009 due to complications with bladder cancer, but still lives on in the hearts of Boston sports fans. He meant more to Boston and the sport of hockey than can be accurately expressed in words.

Current Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards perhaps put it best:

"When you listened to Fred Cusick call a Bruins game, you knew this: He loved hockey with endless enthusiasm, and he was thrilled every night," Edwards said. "By sharing those qualities with those of us in his considerable audience, he pulled us closer to the game we all enjoy so much—and he added to that enjoyment."

Bruins fans have started a movement to further honor Fred Cusick at every Bruins home game. For more on the "We Want Cusick" movement, visit Days of Y'Orr.