Tim Tebow and the 20 Worst Rookie Hazings of All Time

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 9, 2010

Tim Tebow and the 20 Worst Rookie Hazings of All Time

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    Hazing, for better or worse, is a ritual that comes with the territory of being the new guy. It can be harsh, or it may just be embarrassing. 

    Nevertheless, hazing has its place in the culture of sports.

    Does hazing cross the line at times? Absolutely. But often we can't help ourselves to laugh (or cringe) at its victims. 

    Here are 20 examples of hazing that we would never wish on ourselves:

Private Showing

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    Jaguars rookie Kevin Haslem was on the wrong end of a razor blade that left him with his manhood temporarily relocated to the top of his head. 

    I guess the good thing for Haslem is that you can't really see it when you look at him straight on, but if having a penis shaved into your head isn't a sign of your low spot on the totem pole, I don't know what is.

Friar Tebow

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    Tim Tebow has always worn his religious beliefs on his sleeve—or better yet, his eye black—so Bronco veterans decided to give him a haircut fitting for the next Robin Hood film. 

Hooters from Hell

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    In a moment of Bizarro World fright, the Padres forced their rookies to wear the entire Hooters waitress garb and parade out on the field.  That is enough pale male upper thigh than most need to see in a lifetime.

Pony up the Dough, Rook

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    Larry English was a first-round pick of the San Diego Chargers in 2009.  How did his new teammates help him celebrate? By letting him foot the bill on a $14,508.67 dinner. 

    $14K? Was gold sprinkled on everything?

This is What You Get

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    Former Buccaneers running back Mike Alstott didn't like that then-rookie Chris Colmer refused to fetch him a cup of Gatorade. Alstott's retaliation?

    He went to Colmer's residence, removed the wheels from his car, put the car on blocks, and left a map for the rookie to find the missing pieces.

PB Britches

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    David Ortiz got an uncomfortable welcome to Minnesota when he was a rookie. 

    A former Twins catcher loaded up Ortiz' underwear with peanut butter so that when the freshly showered Ortiz got dressed he got a nice crotch full of the sticky stuff—extra chunky, too.

Cubs Get Medieval on Trainer's Car

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    This wasn't directed at a player, but instead the Cubs' rookie trainer. 

    Back when Henry Blanco was a member of the Cubs, he and a cast of teammates took swings at the trainer's old car. The Cub players blasted dents into the body of the car and smashed out all the windows, leaving the car for the trainer to find it.

    The Cub players all came out laughing and told the trainer they'd buy him a new car.  Uhh...thanks?

Byrnes Makes the Rookie Sweat

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    Rookies usually sweat out whether they can stay on the active roster. Well, Eric Byrnes dialed up the heat on then-rookie Adam Piatt. 

    Byrnes covered the inside of Piatt's underwear and all his clothing with Icy-Hot, forcing the rookie to endure a slimy sauna layer during the team's long flight on a road trip.

Japan`s Calling

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    The entire Phillies organization got involved in an elaborate prank on then-rookie Kyle Kendrick involving his apparent new home in Japan.

    General manager Ed Wade, manager Charlie Manuel, the team, the media, Kendrick's agent, and even his own mother were all on hand to witness Kendrick sign his contract with a Japanese team after he was "traded".

    They even provided him with a parting gift: his new Japanese jersey. 

Penguin Man

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    As a rookie for the Texas Rangers in 2006, John Rheinecker made the mistake of forgetting his passport on a road trip from San Francisco to Toronto.

    So his teammates made Rheinecker ride the San Francisco BART system dressed as a penguin, and tailed him to ensure that he completed his punishment.

Here`s Your Ride, Rook

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    When he reported to camp, 5'5" rookie Trindon Holliday knew he'd have a tough time running with the big dogs of the NFL. What he didn't know was that his teammates already had his ride picked out for him.

    Instead of an exercise bike, the Texans made Holliday ride this pink tricycle around the complex much to the laughter and entertainment of the rest of the team and the fans.

Like Popcorn?

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    One of the first things Patrick O'Bryant did after signing his rookie deal with the Golden State Warriors was to buy a new car.

    Jason Richardson made sure he gave O'Bryant plenty of accessories by filling the rookie's car with popcorn. Nothing like hot salt and butter on your new leather seats.

Straight Into Compton

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    In 2008, the Lakers thought they'd help rookie Sun Yue get used to his new city of Los Angeles. So they sent the rookie out for food to the In-N-Out Burger... in Compton.

Get Me My Doughnuts!

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    Delonte West was hungry for some doughnuts so he sent rookies J.J. Hickson and Darnell Jackson to go fetch him some Krispy Kremes. Innocent enough, right? Just a hop to the supermarket. Wrong. West made the pair retrieve the donuts from a store three hours away.

Popcorn Redux

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    Sacramento Kings rookie Jason Thompson was supposed to supply the morning bagels. He failed to live up to that task, so the Kings loaded up his brand new Escalade with popcorn much to the dismay of the devastated rookie.

We're Not in Scranton Anymore, Toto

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    The Yankees have a custom of putting their rookies in costume at the end of the season. In 2007, the theme was The Wizard of Oz.  Dressing up as Dorothy's sidekicks is one thing—none of them wore ruby slippers.  Ian Kennedy had to walk through the media and public throng dressed in a dress and pigtails. 

Classic Taping

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    Nothing brings a rookie class together like being taped to the goal post for a few hours. In this picture, Panthers Jon Beason and Drew Carter were among the foursome left to find their way out of it.

Padres At It Again

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    The Padres like to treat rookies like their little brother they can pick on.  So it's no surprise they made Josh Barfield dress like a newborn in 2006.

Joe Prankster

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    Joe Montana was "Joe Cool" on the field, but he still knew how to give rookies a hard time. During 49ers training camp, players would often ride bicycles to the facility.  To make the end of the day even harder, Montana would somehow get the rookies' bikes up into trees.

    Sore and tired from two-a-days? Finish it off by climbing a tree to get your bike.

Quinn Gets Military Treatment

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    Brady Quinn was the golden boy quarterback of Notre Dame topped off by his fashionable hairdo.  The Browns veterans put an end to that when they shaved him down like he was joining the Marine Corps.  Quinn certainly got the grunt treatment.