NHL Rivalries: Which One Are You Looking Forward To?

Brandon RudicsCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

There's nothing like sitting at home in your air conditioned basement on your La-Z-Boy with a big bowl of popcorn, watching your favorite NHL rivalry.

Let's get some fan hearsay on this one. Which rivalry are you most looking forward to this season? Personally, I'm looking forward to the Montreal and Boston rivalry; one of the best of them all.

With the Bruins' recent acquisition of Michael Ryder, this rivalry is going to heat up. I'm looking forward to Ryder's return to Montreal when the Bruins take on the Habs.

What about the Battle of Alberta? You can't go wrong with this ancient rivalry. I think this year is going to be one of the best years for this awesome series. We will see what Bertuzzi will bring to the table. This is one to watch this year.


I'm looking forward to the game where Bertuzzi will return to Vancouver with the Calgary Flames. Who saw that one coming? You know there will be a lot of "booootuzzis" happening that night.


Chicago and Detroit is another old rivalry. We all know I'm totally for Chicago, but this rivalry is going to be huge this year. With Scotty Bowman the new senior adviser of hockey operations in Chicago, this rivalry will get an extra spark this year.


The best thing about this rivalry: It will get played outdoors at Wrigley Field. How much better can it get?


I'm directing this to everyone out there. What rivalry are you looking forward to this season?