Anderson Silva Has Finally Found His Match

Jess Matthew BeltranCorrespondent IIAugust 9, 2010

When UFC 117 was announced and Anderson Silva will be fighting against Chael Sonnen nobody made interest. Silva who is riding 11 consecutive wins with 7 championship bouts in UFC looks like a walk in the park against Sonnen who has a record of 24-10-1 with only 4-3 in UFC competitions. Nobody gave him a chance in fact when he started his mouth do the talking with all the trash talks and insults people just shrug him off and laugh at the clown whom people forgot to tell him that the joke was on him.

He said bad things against Silva, his manager Ed Soares and former middleweight champion Rich Franklin. He was persistent that people began to notice him and everyone wants to see his ass kick in television. Anderson doesn’t buy the whole thing he never got those trash talking get into his nerves he doesn’t know Chael unlike on his last match against Demian Maia who is a fellow Brazilian and Anderson felt disrespected and mock Demian throughout the fight winning a lack luster unanimous decision.

But last Saturday Chael proved to everyone that when he talks the talk he could also walk the walk. He pummeled the champion from rounds 1 to 4 before Silva was able to lock up on Sonnen on a Triangle choke forcing Chael to tap out at 3:10 in Round 5. It was the champion that took the beating this time getting hit more than in his entire career. Getting hit only 208 times throughout his 31 fights but that night Sonnen hit him 289 times. It was never been close with Nelson Hamilton 40-34, Dan Stell 40-35 and Jon Schorle 40-36 scoring the fight for Sonnen before the choke happened. Anderson Silva fought a losing effort but still escape with a win.

2008 when Anderson was contemplating of retiring he fought every match every fight Dana White offered and over and over again he came out victorious. There was no competition he knock Chris Leben, Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson and made a short workout against the sturdy and game Forrest Griffin. He even thought about fighting Roy Jones Jr. just for the heck of it. And now he found his equal match against Chael Sonnen The superman’s kryptonite and Silva could have lost his belt if not for that bizarre ending.

With only one fight remaining before Silva ends his contract Dana White should make that rematch by hook or by crook. Nobody wants to see a Silva-Belfort fight. Rematch should take place to settle the score. And Sonnen can talk all he wants now and everybody will pay attention. Silva has finally found his match and someone for the longest time has the chance of really winning.