If Aston Villa Sells James Milner, Is It Truly a Bad Thing for Them?

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If Aston Villa Sells James Milner, Is It Truly a Bad Thing for Them?
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One of this summer's biggest transfer sagas is if James Milner will stay or go. Man City has made no secret of their intention to sign him, and once Man City set their minds on someone, they usually get them.

Over the past two seasons James Milner has played a central role in getting Aston Villa a top-six finish. He has provided plenty of goals and even more assists. His mere presence in the team gives the team  a huge lift.

However, Aston Villa still have enough wingers to take over his responsibilities if he chooses to leave. Both Ashley Young and Stewart Downing are more than capable to step up and give fantastic performances. Aston Villa's young player, Marc Albrighton, could also step up to the plate as he has received good reviews from Villa veteran, Brad Friedal.

Many rumours state that if Milner is to leave, it will be for $20-25 million. This is a huge amount of money for one player, and if Man City was to come in with this type of bid, then Villa would have to accept it.

For $25 million, Villa could sign two quality players. Aston Villa could use this money to buy a new striker and a new midfielder. I believe that these are the teams two weakest areas and if they were to strengthen these areas, then they may be more of a force in the coming season.

In my next article I will run threw potential central midfielders that Aston Villa could sign. Thanks for reading.

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