Girl Got Game: Michelle Johnson, a Boston Area High School Star

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2010

Being underrated is not a bad thing, Michelle Johnson could tell you. To begin with, women's basketball doesn't get the love that it deserves and players like Michelle Johnson don't get the love that they deserve.

Problem is, there aren't too many players like Michelle Johnson, men or women. A top player for either the NBA or WNBA knows the game on the court and its history. Not only does Johnson (No. 11 in the picture) play the game, but she knows the game.

Johnson is a 5'6" shooting guard from Dover High School (Boston, MA), and while her position says shooting, you might as well just call her a scorer. When defenses try to take away her perimeter strength, she can go straight to the rim and score because driving is her second strength.

Some of the best basketball players have a unique time of when it all began for them. Johnson's time has been since she was a little girl. A lifelong passion for basketball is something she will never lose, and while she may not get the attention she deserves, she can hoop with the best of them, men or women.

While winning is the ultimate reward, Johnson's biggest reward is the feeling after a good game which keeps her motivated and wanting to improve. The top schools may not be looking at her but she's perfectly fine with that. The best players are always overlooked.

Every good player—and person, for that matter—has a future plan. Johnson plans on continuing to make herself better which can only improve her chances of playing somewhere that will keep her passion alive.

Always looking for teammates, Johnson is a team first player, which is the best aspect of her game. While you may not know Michelle Johnson, you should. Women's basketball is usually the crack of many jokes. Johnson's game is no joke and she will continue to rise whether the average fan is watching or not.