Chris Benoit's Yin and Yang

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIAugust 9, 2010

Chris Benoit is a controversial figure within the realm of pro wrestling. Benoit is one of the most dedicated, technically sound wrestlers to ever set foot in a ring. He is also known for killing his son and wife in a brutal double murder suicide before taking his own life.

The media painted Benoit as the villain of pro wrestling and a savage animal who viciously murdered his loving wife and his own flesh and blood before cowering away from the consequences by taking his own life.

Within the overall pro wrestling community there was more of a mixed feeling in regard to the doable murder suicide. His co-workers and close friends known him as a calm, collective, and caring person. His fans have seen him give 120 percent in the ring even if it's in front of 13 fans or 30,000 fans.

The apparent reason for Benoit's murder double murder suicide is the brain damage by getting concussions by various means.  Chair shots, both to the front of the head and the back, contributed to the concussions. The diving headbutt one of Benoit's well-known finishers contributed to the damage.

West Virgina University conducted tests on Benoits's head and the results are astounding. His brain resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer's patient and all four lobes of the brain and the stem were damaged.

The disturbing results of that test showed similarities with four retired NFL football players who suffered from concussions during their careers. Those four NFL players sank into depression and would physically harm themselves and others.

Those results make you wonder if Benoit did not suffer from all those concussions, and had they not taken their toll on Benoit, would he and his wife and son be alive today? For all we know, he could have been legitimately hearing voices telling him to kill.

We will never know if Benoit's mind just snapped due to the concussions, but the man himself did not snap. Only the Lord knows that answer!

In a way, Benoit and the effects of the double murder suicide is link yin and yang. Yin is black and yang is white. One cannot work without the other and each contains the seed of the other.

Yin means good and Yang means bad or evil.

Benoit's life towards the end is the Yang. His murdering of his wife and son along with his suicide impacted the the world in ways that is still felt today. The media and non-wrestling fans blamed wrestling for the double murder suicide.

Even though this was a dark chapter for pro wrestling, some good has come out of this terrible event. Due to the damage on Benoit's brain found by West Virgina University, the WWE banned chair shots to the head. The WWE also have procedures set in place if one of their wrestlers receive a concussion.

I wish those procedures and bans on chairshots to the head could have happened without the double murder suicide occurring!

Benoit's time in many different wrestling promotions and his commitment to give the best of his abilities is the yin. When Benoit wrestled, it would be like watching Leonardo paint one of his master pieces. He was looked up to by his peers and loved by all.

Obviously, the bad is the double murder suicide and the effects to come of it. Aside from the non-wrestling community looking at the wrestling community in a more negative light, the fans and Benoit co-workers are left with mixed and confused feelings.

Wrestling fans have mostly come to terms with some out right hating him and some hating him for what he did but still considered him the best in the ring.

It forced Vince McMahon to omit Benoit from a majority of their video library and ban certain moves that are too risky for the head.

In conclusion the Yin and Yang of Chris Benoit shows that the events of the horrific double murder suicide had both good and bad to it whether we like it or not. Everyone is going to have a stand on the Benoit incident and this is my way of looking at the entire incident!