Top 5 Fantasy Sleepers

Frisco FahsContributor IAugust 8, 2010

ATLANTA - JULY 15:  Ryan Braun #8 of the Milwaukee Brewers against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on July 15, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Sometimes the best sleeper is the one right in front of you. Just because a player had a bad week doesn’t grant them a benching the next. Sometimes a sleeper could be a great player that is returning from the DL. There are many ways to look at sleepers. However, it always comes down to one detail: Who do you think will be the best play for your team?

#1. Ryan Braun, LF, Milwaukee Brewers

Braun is usually started on a week-to-week basis in fantasy baseball. Well, I’m going to inject more confidence in you to make sure you start him this week. For the season he’s batting .286 with 16 home runs and 66 RBI. The Brewers have a four game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and a three game set against the Colorado Rockies. If you have depth at the OF position, I would skip the start with Braun when he faces Ubaldo Jimenez (projected game would be Sunday).  Make sure Braun is in your lineups despite a down year.

#2. Hanley Ramirez, SS, Florida Marlins

Sometimes the best sleeper is right in front of your face. Ramirez is one of the best short stops in the game. He had a disappointing past week but should right the ship this week. The last six games he had four hits, home run and two RBI. The Marlins take on the Nats & the Reds this week and Ramirez played great against both of them. In nine games against the Nationals, Ramirez batted .324, 11-34, with five runs, double, four walks, four home runs and eight RBI. In four games against the Reds, he had six hits, four runs, two doubles, two walks and an RBI. Look for nothing else but a monster week from Ramirez.

#3. Miguel Olivo, C, Colorado Rockies

For the season, Olivo is batting .301 with 13 home runs and 47 RBI. Those are good numbers for a catcher unless your name is Joe Mauer. The Rox have a three game series against the NY Mets and Milwaukee Brewers. He’s got two homers against the Brew Crew already this year and three hits, double and a run against the Mets. These stats don’t mean much since there is such a small sample but it does hint to his playing style.  Olivo hits for average and takes advantage when runners are on base. He hasn’t been hitting the ball well of late but maybe primed to break out.

#4. Placido Polanco, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies

Less than a month ago, Polanco returned to the Phillies line-up after healing up from his elbow injury. It’s safe to say that he’s back to his old self again. He is one of the best, if not the best, contact hitters in the game. He rarely strikes out and you’ve got to love that in a player. For the season he’s batting .318 with six home runs and 34 RBI. The last six games, he’s batted .333, 9-27, with three doubles, three walks and two RBI. I don’t know if Polanco is 100% healthy but I do know he’s a great player and should start the entire week.

#5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF, Cleveland Indians

Choo returned approximately one week ago to the Indians line up after being shelved by a thumb injury. The last six games, Choo batted .231, 6-26, two runs, double, three walks and three RBI.. He’s only going to get better as time goes on, and for the season he’s batting .292 with 13 home runs and 49 RBI. Expect a big week from Choo as he takes on the O’s and the Mariners. This is a prime week to start the Korean as he may be ready to take advantage of these two disastrous teams.

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