Tiger Not Out of The Woods Yet

Bill AquavivaContributor IIAugust 8, 2010

So the "World's Best Golfer" just finished his latest tournament tied for 78th place in a field of 80 participants with a score of 18 over par, his worst professional finish ever.

This event was supposed to be a boost for Tiger's game; playing at the Firestone Country Club where he had won seven of 11 previous tournaments. But from day one, things were bad for the No. 1 ranked golfer in the world, and they never got better throughout the weekend.

Now, barely hanging onto his No. 1 ranking and in jeopardy of not being selected for the Ryder Cup, Tiger needs to recognize he needs more time to deal with his personal issues.

Nobody can deal with the emotional and physical strain a divorce puts on you without it negatively affecting your performance, regardless of the industry you work in. Add child custody issues, financial impact from loss of endorsements, and battling an addiction, all under intense media scrutiny and public opinion polls around the world, and Tiger is on the brink of dealing with a perfect storm for a breakdown.

I'm sure Tiger felt the best thing for him was to get back out there and play the game he loves, but unfortunately that was probably his biggest mistake. 

With his financial situation he was more than able to take months, even years off, and get himself and his family adjusted to their new lifestyles. At the very least he should cut back on the number of tournaments he enters.

Tiger can't possibly live up to everyone's expectations of his game right now and I'm actually impressed that he has been able to endure the criticism throughout his bad play and still address the in-your-face media after each round and each tournament.

Look, I'm not saying the guy didn't do this to himself, or in some ways isn't getting what he deserves, I'm just saying that all this is his to deal with, not the media's and not the public. 

I just hope Tiger can walk away from the game for awhile and get his personal life together; then his professional life will follow.