Tom Crean, Indiana Hoosiers Look To Comeback with Recruiting Efforts

Collin O'ConnorCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - MARCH 12:  Head coach Tom Crean of  the Indiana Hoosiers reacts against the Penn State Nittany Lions during the first round of the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse on March 12, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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The last two seasons have been the worst in Indiana's basketball program history.

The sudden end to Kevin Sampson's coaching tenure left the Hoosiers and their fans in a tough spot. And there wasn't much replacement coach Tom Cream could do about it.

It looks like Crean finally has his team heading in the right direction, though. His recruiting classes are now developing as collegiate athletes, and it's time to up the ante.

The Hoosiers will return everyone from last year's 10-21 team.

Despite the bad record, some promising players arose during the season. Freshmen Christian Watford, Derek Elston, and Jordan Hulls now have a full year under their belts and Maurice Creek will return from his injury.

Now that Crean's recruits are developing into a team he can work with, it's time to get a few more wins. No more excuses.

That said, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Crean needs to keep bringing in the talent to Bloomington. He's off to a good start with the 2011 recruits.

Here are the players who are committed to or considering Indiana for 2011:


Verbal Agreements


SF Austin Etherington, 6'6''

Etherington stands as the only one who has verbally agreed to come to Bloomington in 2011 so far. He brings the typical game for an Indiana high school player. And he has the smarts to go along with his ability to stretch the defense with his jump shot.

Offensively, he's best as a spot up shooter. This will work well with Jordan Hulls, who is good at driving and kicking for good open shots, running the point. There's no doubt that Hulls can and will create for Etherington.

Etherington also brings that 6'6'' body, large wingspan and a great feel for the game.



C Michael Chandler, 6'10''

Chandler's 6'10'' body and wingspan would be a great addition to the Hoosiers, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Despite his size, he can also run the break and finish on the run.

He's a true center that can clog up the lane. He has good hands and the explosiveness needed to finish on offense.


PF Cody Zeller, 6'11''

As the brother of current North Carolina player Tyler Zeller and former Notre Dame big man Luke Zeller, Cody, like his brothers, is more of a slashing type forward.

While he has the added physical strength, Zeller excels in running and finishing on the break. He also can be a very good passer, which would translate well with shooters on the outside.


SG B.J. Young, 6'3''

At shooting guard, Young is an athlete who mostly scores on the dribble and by penetrating the lane. He has a very quick first step to supplement his tight ball handling.

Young would be another great addition to help at half court, especially with one-on-one situations to break down the defense.


SG Jeremiah Davis, 6'3''

Davis is a different type of guard than Young. Davis is a combo guard who has a great feel for the game and the ability to set up and compliment his teammates.

And he's the type of guard, like Jeremiah Rivers, who will rebound the ball on the defensive end and get them out on the break. He can score, but his true skill is delivering the ball on the money to teammates running with him.




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