How Jerry Lynn Became Injured, Plus Dixie Announced His Replacement

JC AugustineCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010


I just wrote an article about all the problems TNA Hard Justice had that were keeping this from being a true ECW reunion show.

In the above article I said that the only match that could be special was between Jerry Lynn and RVD. 

Jerry Lynn is an amazing wrestler, who even at age 47 can still wrestle better than a lot of the young talent in the WWE or TNA.

Sadly Lynn blew out his back last week in the gym and the doctors are not able to do anything in time for tonight's PPV. (according to 

This means that Hard Justice is full of un-announced matches between wrestlers past their prime, while the saving grace of this PPV has blown his back out. 

I pity anyone who will buy the PPV because the let down will be even greater than I ever anticipated. Maybe next weeks "The Whole Effing Show" will be a reimbursement, but then why buy the PPV in the first place? 


Dixie Carter just announced on her Twitter account that Sabu would replace Jerry Lynn in tonights main event. Sabu has been wrestling around Michigan (GO STATE!) in recent years and appears to be in good health. Sabu is not at the same level as Lynn but it should be a memorable match.