TNA Wrestling: Tomko Done with TNA

Ryan Senior Writer IAugust 1, 2008

Several wrestling news sources report that TNA star Tomko will be leaving the company. 

He is said to have gone around at the last Impact tapings saying his goodbyes to friends a co-workers.  It is widely believed he is headed to Japan to work full-time, possible reuniting with Bernardko teammate Giant Bernard (aka Albert of WWE fame). The two formed a dominant tag team in Japan, winning the IWGP Tag Team titles.

What does this mean for Tomko and TNA?

Well for Tomko, his real improvement came after his departure from WWE, working in Japan with Bernard and dramatically improving his in-ring skills. He will likely have a bigger role overseas (likely with New Japan), though his role in TNA of late has been a sizable one. Reuniting with Bernard is probably in the cards as the two were very popular in Japan.

As for TNA, this isn't a huge loss. Tomko was limited as far as mic work and wasn't going to be a featured player in the long run.  Unfortunately for him, his role in American wrestling may go no farther than "enforcer". This move should benefit both parties in the long run.