NL East Has Big Trade Deadline Day

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

The closest division race in baseball and virtually everyone stands pat.  The biggest deal was the Braves giving away Mark Teixeira, and they're not even in the race. 

The Mets have picked up a resounding nobody.  I guess all the eggs are in the Ryan Church basket, so we never have to see Marlon Anderson start a game again. 

The other deals are going to go down in history as the Phils picked up Joe Blanton.  For those who aren't aware of Joe Blanton, he had an ERA of over five in that whole in the ground they call a stadium in Oakland. 

So the Phils and "Standing" Pat Gillick bring him over to play in Williamsport or Citizens Bank Park as it's come to be known.  It’s their solutions to Adam Eaton who has proven to be the worst pitcher the Fightin' Phils have seen since Ricky Bottalico. 

I guess moving from the worst pitcher in baseball to the fourth or fifth worst is still moving in the right direction.

Now, in a move that may actually help a team, the Marlins picked up relief man Arthur Rhodes.  Now, this is a pick up that will help a team. 

The Marlins win games because of their offense picking up a pitcher that is familiar with the division and pitching in that big ballpark will help. 

The Marlins are the NL East trade deadline winners?  The Florida Marlins who have no money and can't get people to show up to their ballpark make the best move.  Way to go Philly and New York. 

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to watch the Marlins in October.