Howdy From Texas , Ya'll

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Howdy From Texas , Ya'll
First of all, I am in Lubbock, Texas. I drove here with my boyfriend who is moving here for law school. We drove from Chapel Hill, and the route we drove to get there was long, and it was also very entertaining. We made our way through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and just when we thought we had finally made it to Texas, we still had 9 hours to the other side of the massive state.

We had to stop in Alabama to visit the holy land of the University of Alabama. My boss is a die hard fan, and the campus did not disappoint. I know this is superficial and my inner sorority girl might be coming out a little bit here, however, I could not get over the MASSIVE fraternity and sorority houses. They were absolutely gorgeous and the lawns were manicured to the UTTT most degree. I am sure that once all the students roll in and have a couple of band parties that the aesthetic beauty will temporarily dwindle a tad, however, on that peaceful day in early August, the greek houses were perfectly manicured and not to mention ginormous. I couldn't help but picture TZ out in the front of the SAE house bossing pledges around in the their underwear to pick up beer bottles from the party the night before. (I have to give a shout out to my favorite Alabama buddy Marshall Houston, and all of his ATO frat bros. I didn't see your house Marsh, but I looked.)

Another thing that I loved about the Alabama campus was the football field. It would easily pass as an NFL field if you were to glance at it in a photograph or if you happened to be passing by Tuscaloosa and had previously spent your life in a closet, not knowing that the University of Alabama resided there. It was awesome, and I can see why the BAMA fans go nuts.

Speaking of massive football fields, we spent our next leg of the journey in Arlington, Texas. In Arlington, we got a chance to look at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Let me tell ya folks, the boy is massive, huge, amazing. It is under a dome, and multiple sports can be played there. For example, my Heel babies were given the honor of playing the first basketball game there when they faced off against the Longhorns last season. Unfortunately we lost, however, all of the basketball players said that the facility was beyond impressive.

The Dallas Cowboys cheered for their former player Emmit Smith as he got inducted into the Football Hall of Fame last night.

Smith rushed for 18,355 yards, with 164 touchdowns, 11 seasons with 1,000 or more yards on the ground, and 78 games with 100 yards rushing. Smith made the hall in his first year of eligibility and won three Super Bowls.

"When I go into the hall today, I am not going in alone," Smith said. "I am carrying my grandfather, I'm carrying my father and I'm carrying my son along with me because I bear all their names. Now I can say to my dad and my son, EJ, our name will be forever enshrined in the history of football."

Smith also isn't too shabby of a dancer. No one can forget the times he spent tearing up the dance floor with the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

Maybe Tiger Woods needs to go to Dancing with the Stars to learn some new moves. After concluding his worst event as a professional golfer, he capped a stunning week that saw him shoot 18 over par for four rounds and finish in a tie for 78th in an 80 player field. Not looking good for ole' Tiger. He wouldn't even talk to the media. Not smart if you ask me, especially since you are trying to get back into the good graces of the public. I would think that he would make an extra effort to talk to fans whether he was still number one of if he was barely making it through to the next round. But who am I? Just a woman who has lost all respect what so ever for Woods since he basically threw his family under the bus last Winter.

Since we are talking about guys that make me flinch when I hear a story about them pop up on my ESPN app on my phone, lets talk a little about LeBron James. I don't have a deep boiling unhappiness with LeBron like I do Tiger, however, I really just hate to constantly hear about him. After having an hour long television special on "The Decision" as if the world was waiting to hear about who was going to be our next president, we now have nothing else to write about than the fact that LeBron thanked Cleveland at his annual charity event this week. Let me set the record straight, I didn't care a lick about who won a game in the NBA until James, Wade and Bosh teamed up to make a trifecta in Miami. But the moment that those three signed up to join forces on the court, I officially become an ABH fan. "ANYONE BUT THE HEAT." I will cheer so hard for that trio to get beat, and to get beat bad, however, I don't really blame James. I think that he was wanting something new, and I think that he will never be compared to MJ (ahhhh love you BIG MIKE) so why not try to win if that is really all he cared about. He obviously doesn't care about winning in Cleveland, however, that doesn't mean he doesn't love Cleveland. Just because he had the guts to make a move, doesn't mean it doesn't tear his insides apart everyday when he sees people from Cleveland shake their head and stick up their nose at the sign of a LeBron jersey, and just because he made the move doesn't mean that he won't forever cherish the memories. He is being criticized for not kissing the fans of Cleveland's booties at every speaking engagement, and let us be clear, despite some NBA enthusiasts belief LeBron isn't a politician or someone whose goal is to make everyone happy. He is going to make LeBron happy, and can you blame him? NO! So please ESPN, stop writing stories about LeBron. I don't care where he ate for lunch nor do I care that he thanked the pizza man on the corner of MLK and 4th in downtown Cleveland for always hooking him up.

I don't have too much else right now except to say that I am now in Lubbock, hanging out until I go back to school for my senior year on the 18th. I love college towns. I have tweeted, facebooked and texted up a storm about this lately because it is true. There is nothing like a college town. Longhorn fans cover your eyes, and I hate to break it to ya but Austin, Texas is not a college town. Your teams might dominate sports, however, you don't live in a college town. Same to you Miami, UCLA, USC, Duke. There is nothing like a town built around a University, and there is nothing like feeling the loyalty of a towns people leak into the air. It's amazing! Lubbock is a college town, ps! They live and breath Tech, and although I never have given Tech much of a thought until very recently, I really like this place. People are nice, and people love what I love! A good beer, a good game and a good gal/guy! God Bless America! :)

I hope that everyone has a great weekend, and it should be because it is tax free weekend. That's right ladies, talk your mamas into coming to town to take you shopping for a new pair of Frye Boots or maybe some new Steve Madden pumps. I know that I am working on a new down comforter by Serena & Lily and some new boots. Hey Mom, I know you are reading this, and I think these booties are something you should consider ;).

That's all for me folks! Please leave some comments about what you would like to read from this site. I am being selfish and venting about whats on my mind, however, I am open to elaborating on the things that you guys want my opinion on.

So As always, if she is on the sidelines and she has amazing shoes, it's probably me!

-Sports & Stilettos

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