2010 Eastern Illinois Preview

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2010 Eastern Illinois Preview

Wow, we are less than a month away.  The excitement is palpable.  The Academic issues are nil.  The offense is loaded.  The defense is talent laden.  This could be the year ladies and gentleman.  Don’t say it too loud.

September 4thEastern Illinois

Here is what the Iowa Hawk Blog knows about Eastern Illinois.  They represent a juggernaut league known as the Ohio Valley Conference.  The Panthers (Yikes) are picked to finish second in that vaunted league.  There are some parallels here because they also take our sloppy seconds as former Hawkeye QB Jake Christensen finished out his ground-pounding, air assault in a Panther uniform. 

Expect to see Coach Ferentz’s super vanilla approach to the game.  We have come to expect this as Hawkeye Fans. Both Adam Robinson and Brandon Wegher will be in the 150 yard range.  Both Marvin McNutt and DJK will break away for touchdowns and the defense will probably get one or two also.  I see it as 42-3 type of game, in spite of our best efforts to keep the score down.  Some will say, remember the UNI Panthers.  I believe this installment of the Iowa Hawkeyes will.  We will see a focused and physical effort in our first game.  If that is not going out on a limb with the recent history of this program, I don’t know what is.  One thing about being an Iowa fan, you can never overlook anything.  All things being equal, I am a little afraid of what the Eastern Illinois coach may throw at us:

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