UFC 117 Play-By-Play: Matt Hughes (45-7) vs. Ricardo Almeida (12-3)

Mike SContributor IAugust 7, 2010

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First round – The third man inside the octagon is Josh Rosenthal. This bout is underway after a touch of gloves. They both begin by exchanging some light jabs and hooks, nothing significant lands yet however. Almeida throws the first head kick, but misses. Hughes hits with a leg kick, but gets tagged with a right hand. Almeida initiates a clinch and lands a couple of inside shots while there. Hughes tries to bring it in to Almeida and he pays for it by getting tagged with several shots. Surprisingly though, Hughes connects with a hard left hook that puts Almeida on his face. Hughes follows him to the ground and puts him in a front head lock. After a few seconds, Almedia is out cold and the ref calls it over.

Official Decision – Hughes over Almeida first round submission (3:15)