Locker Room Heat: TNA Stars Unhappy With Focus Given To Former ECW Stars

Jason TaylorCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

According to Pro Wrestling Torch (, there's been an air of discontent and frustration within the TNA locker room, due to the attention given to the former ECW stars leading up to the "Hardcore Justice" pay-per view event this Sunday.

Sources close to the situation are reporting that most of the TNA roster aren't planning to attend the PPV, and some have gone as far as stating that they want nothing to do with the event or the ECW-based storylines.

TNA officials have been attempting to encourage the wrestlers to attend the PPV, but since they're not booked to perform at the event, they're not required to be present.

The wrestlers feel that the attention given to the former ECW stars has taken the focus off current TNA feuds and storylines. There's a feeling within the locker room that TNA needs to look forward to the future instead of back to the past, whether it's WWE, WCW, or ECW storylines.

TNA stars such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have voiced their displeasure over decisions made by the company. Styles questioned the decision of making Rob Van Dam the TNA World Heavyweight Champion shortly after his arrival from WWE. Styles stated the decision just made him appear to be "just another guy."

Samoa Joe had a blow-up with TNA officials over an ending of a match between him and Jeff Hardy at an Impact taping last month, which subsequently led to Joe being suspended.

Giving the former ECW stars a pay-per view payday, and pushing the TNA stars to do a PPV-quality show on Thursday night, where they're not getting PPV money isn't going to help matters.

It has also been reported that 10 or 15 wrestlers are exploring their options between the proposed Wilpon wrestling organization, and pursuing potential opportunities in WWE.

The mid-card and upper tier wrestlers are exploring WWE, while the others are feeling out the Wilpon organization.

TNA wrestlers under 35 years of age are also considering their options, as they believe they're being passed over by former stars after being loyal to the company during its growth phase.

These are trying times for Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff. It will be interesting to see what happens after Hardcore Justice and the upcoming Impact episode next Thursday.

Credit: James Caldwell, PWTorch Assistant Editor